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Today, we get our final sneak peek into what Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 1 will bring with a showcase of the map Crash. Originally in Call of Duty 4, Crash is one of the most remastered maps in Call of Duty history. We’ve also seen it in Modern Warfare Remastered as well as COD Mobile. Now, it comes to Modern Warfare as part of the Season 1 update. Content creators were recently flown out to Infinity Ward to capture footage of all the new content coming in Season 1. They were given the opportunity to play the new maps as well as the new weapons. For today, we’ll be looking at full gameplay on the remastered version of Crash.

Crash returns to Modern Warfare

YouTuber and professional player Dillon “Attach” Price has provided our first full look at Crash. For the most part, the map seems to be the same as MWR‘s version, though with some updated textures and colors to match Modern Warfare‘s style.

We won’t know exactly how the map plays until the general population plays it. So far in Modern Warfare, players have been extremely camp-oriented and Crash features tons of small rooms to hole up in. Hopefully, players will venture out and the map will play as it has in the past.

Along with Crash, we will be getting another remastered map in Vacant. Also debuting in Call of Duty 4, Vacant is a much smaller map with very few places to hide. Both of these maps should be fan favorites in Modern Warfare as they will be among the smallest maps in the rotation.

There has been speculation if both Crash and Vacant will be inserted into competitive play. While it’s too early to tell, it’s doubtful the two maps will be used for respawn modes. They’re simply too small for 5v5 play.

However, Search and Destroy is another story. Activision very well could place either Crash or Vacant into SnD. It’s also assumed that competitive websites like MLG and UMG will place both maps into the SnD map pool.

Modern Warfare Season 1
Season 1 in Modern Warfare comes to all systems on Dec. 3.

Modern Warfare Season 1 looks promising from everything we’ve seen. However, you never know with Call of Duty.

What do you think of Crash? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all of your Modern Warfare coverage.