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Recently, a slew of YouTubers and other influencers were flown out to Los Angeles for a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare capture event. This is where Activision and Infinity Ward showcase whatever new content is upcoming so the creators can capture gameplay for their audience. During the most recent event, creators got to play every new map coming to Modern Warfare and play with the two new weapons arriving in Season 1. The new season, along with a fresh Battle Pass, launches in Modern Warfare on Dec. 3 for all systems. The new content will be free with the exception of the Premium Battle Pass.

Ground War map Port of Verdansk showcased

Along with the three remastered 6v6 maps and multiple Gunfight maps, Season 1 is releasing a new Ground War map. It’s named Port of Verdansk but will most likely just go by “Port.” Set on a shipping dock, Port offers a level of verticality but not so much that it’s daunting. Think of a mix between Krovinik Farmland and Karst River Quarry.

According to the creators in attendance, the flow of Port was extremely fun. Although, they were just playing 20v20 when it’s meant to be played 32v32. So, it’s safe to say that Port should be a pretty hectic experience when it’s released to the general population.

Also something to note with Port, some of the map Vacant can be found near the C flag. Vacant is arriving with the Season 1 update as a 6v6 map, but it seems Infinity Ward wanted players to have a little extra time with the map.

New weapons RAM-7 and Holger-26 shown off

As we saw with the Modern Warfare Season 1 promotional image, two new weapons are arriving with the maps. We have the RAM-7, an automatic Assault Rifle, and the Holger-26, a light machine gun. The RAM-7 is eerily similar to the TAR-21 from Modern Warfare 2.

While the base version of the RAM-7 can be unlocked for free, the “Corruptor” legendary variant of the RAM-7 is unlocked at tier 98 of the Premium Battle Pass. However, this variant simply puts extra attachments on the weapon and doesn’t alter gameplay too drastically.

With the Holger-26, we have an agile LMG that certainly packs a punch. Also, as many fans noticed, it can be turned into the G36C from Modern Warfare 2 with the right attachments. In the Battle Pass, players can unlock the “Gilded” variant, which turns the Holger-26 into the G36C at a tier yet to be specified.

Modern Warfare Season 1
YouTuber TheKoreanSavage shows off the Gilded variant in his most recent video.

YouTubers will continue to upload various map showcases leading up to Tuesday, Dec. 3. Tomorrow we should see some of the Gunfight maps, and then on Monday we’ll see the Crash map. Look for those videos around 1 p.m. EST.

What do you think of Modern Warfare Season 1 so far? Let us know, and stay tuned to Daily Esports for all of your Modern Warfare coverage.