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The new Modern Warfare playlist update was released earlier today, as scheduled. Infinity Ward let us know about the update yesterday as a part of their new communication strategy. This is just a playlist update though, so no extra download is required. That is, unless you encounter an error message that forces you to uninstall then re-install Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward has yet to put out a permanent fix for this issue.

Anyway, if you don’t require an install, then you’ll probably notice something has changed with the MP5 and M4A1 weapons along with the new modes.

Modern Warfare’s most popular weapons receive nerf

Since Modern Warfare‘s release, two weapons have dominated online public matches. This also goes for the competitive side of things, as no players – besides snipers – use anything different. Of course, we’re talking about the M4A1 assault rifle and MP5 submachine gun.

Two extremely powerful and accurate weapons, they’re easily the two most popular guns to use. If you want to try to go for high kill games or just be extra sweaty, those were your go-to weapons. However, Infinity Ward looks to be shaking things up with the latest update.

Here are the official patch notes that detail the nerf applied to each weapon:

  • MP5: Reduced headshot multiplier, Small reduction to 10mm range
  • M4: Small damage decrease to reduce headshot effectiveness, Small range decrease

So, while not huge changes, these certainly have an effect on the game. One of the reasons the MP5 and M4A1 were so viable was due to their damage at longer ranges. This has now been reduced on both weapons.

We’ll get to see if these weapons are still the best when the professional players start practicing. Pro players usually have the best judgment when it comes to figuring out the best weapon in a specific class. Perhaps Modern Warfare is in for an old fashioned shake-up.

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