Modern Warfare II open beta dates reportedly leaked
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II beta
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Modern Warfare II open beta dates reportedly leaked

The beta dates might have become public

Earlier this week, a reputable Call of Duty insider published a report that may confirm when the open beta dates are for Modern Warfare II. The MWII beta was originally predicted to take place in mid-August, as a premature Amazon listing disclosed. However, one insider is now saying that fans can expect to play the newest Call of Duty title in September. According to the latest report, August will instead be utilized to show off multiplayer and Campaign gameplay. Fans will also reportedly be able to see various in-game mechanics, features, and a “few surprises.”

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As with every COD game in the past several years, MWII will feature a beta in order to build hype and let players provide feedback for developers. This feedback is then, hopefully, used to improve the game before release. In this case, Modern Warfare II is releasing on Oct. 28, which would give the developers around one month to make changes based on beta feedback.

More Modern Warfare II beta info

The leaker that let fans in on when they can expect the MWII beta is @RalphsValve. RalphsValve has provided a plethora of early details on Modern Warfare II that turned out to be correct when Activision later confirmed them. Their latest report states that the Modern Warfare II open beta will begin on Sept. 15. This will supposedly be the early access period for the beta, which is only open to PlayStation 4+5 users who preordered the game; the early access is a part of Sony and Activision’s exclusivity deal for Call of Duty.

This early access will go until the 16th. Then, from the 17-18th, any PlayStation player, regardless of pre-order status, can download and play the beta. One week later, on Sept. 22, will open up the Cross-Play weekend, which allows Xbox and PC users who have preordered the game to play. On the 24th-25th, any player on any system will be able to play. The 25th is reportedly when the open beta will end.

As always, take this leak with a grain of salt. Activision can still change the date of the beta, as July iswe’ve only just begun July. However, this is the most up-to-date leak we have regarding the beta. Fans who want to play early should preorder any version of Modern Warfare II soon.

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