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Yet another major update has made its way to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gunfight open alpha. Yesterday, Infinity Ward added a new map to the mix and fixed some known bugs. Today, they added in the fifth and final map, Stack, to the rotation along with a new mode for 2v2. This new mode is named Gunfight OSP and works the same as regular Gunfight but you start with only a pistol every round. Throughout the match, you can find weapons on the ground and use those to eliminate opponents. It should allow for more challenging matches and more replay value.

However, in addition to these updates, Infinity Ward has also been active on Reddit and Twitter. They’ve been communicating with fans about the mode’s progress and even dropped a little teaser for the future of Gunfight.

Stack and Gunfight OSP added to the alpha

So far, Infinity Ward hasn’t budged on its promises. All five maps that are supposed to be in Gunfight are available to play. Also, Infinity Ward let us know about all of the fixes that are currently live in-game. Here are some of the major fixes:

  • M19 Pistol: Damage increased at longer ranges (now a minimum 5-shot kill instead of 6)

  • Improved idle player handling (AFK): If at the end of a match you have not touched your controller within two rounds, you’ll be removed from matchmaking.

  • Improved matchmaking for solo microphone users: You’re now much more likely to find a teammate with a microphone.

While this is a good start, Infinity Ward is actively working on a plethora of other fixes. However, since there is officially only one more day of the alpha, these changes might have to wait until the full launch. Although, Infinity Ward could extend the end date, which is currently set for Aug. 25 at 1 p.m. EST.

Gunfight Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward teases upcoming mode?

Infinity Ward’s developers have been active on social media, so let’s hope IW can stay this vocal after Oct. 25 when Modern Warfare releases.

Yesterday on Reddit, a fan asked IW design directors Joe Cecot if it were possible for Gunfight to have a respawn system similar to in Team Deathmatch. Each team would need to get to a certain number of kills in order to win the game. Cecot replied to this request with a simple yet telling answer.

So while we might not see this during the open alpha, it’s entirely possible this will be in-game when Modern Warfare launches.

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