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A new rumor from an independent leaker suggests Modern Warfare will indeed have a Battle Royale mode. However, this mode won’t launch with the base game on October 25. Instead, it will release as a free-to-play, standalone game with a separate download from Modern Warfare. The leaker does not mention where he got this intel, but other leakers have confirmed we are getting Battle Royale this year.

One of the most curious aspects of Modern Warfare is the mystery that is Battle Royale. While we have seen leaks confirming its existence, Infinity Ward hasn’t mentioned anything that nears a confirmation. If anything, they’ve tried to steer us away from that possibility.

However, with this rumor, a Battle Royale could make sense for Modern Warfare.

Where the leaks for Modern Warfare Battle Royale started

About a week ago, we reported on the possibility of a Battle Royale for 2019. An accurate leaker by the name of TheGamingRevolution made several comments saying that a BR mode was in the works and being tested.

However, since nothing has been revealed yet, most wrote this leak off. Well, a week later, we have another leaker saying it exists and going into detail on how it will launch. YouTuber and leaker LongSensation had this to say on Twitter:


As always, the leaker doesn’t disclose who his sources are. However, LongSensation has been accurate in the past. To further his credibility, he told us how the startup screen for the mode will look like.


TheGamingRevolution also backed up LongSensation. TGR has been correct about everything in Modern Warfare so far, leaking some information almost a month before official sources confirmed it.


This model for a BR mode makes sense for Activision. The player count for Blackout in Black Ops 4 was high, but they didn’t see the success they hoped for. This is in large part thanks to the $60 price tag required to play Blackout.

If Activision chose to use a free-to-play model that doesn’t require the base game to play, it could be a profitable move for both the company and community. That said, if a Modern Warfare Battle Royale does exist, it might be a while before we see any kind of confirmation or gameplay.

What’s your take on a BR mode? Let us know in the comments. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage.