Modern Warfare 2 could be coming to Steam
Modern Warfare 2 on Steam
Provided by Activision

Modern Warfare 2 could be coming to Steam

A return to Steam for the first time since 2018

For three years, players could only play Call of Duty games on PC through Blizzard Entertainment’s launcher, Since Activision owns the other company, this collaboration made sense starting with Black Ops 4. Every game following it – Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard – has also been exclusive on However, that might soon change according to a recent leak that hints at Modern Warfare 2 returning to Steam.

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Before, Call of Duty was a featured series on Steam. The last title to be released on the Valve-owned platform was Call of Duty: WWII in 2017, which players can still buy on Steam. Players can also buy the previous Call of Duty games, such as Black Ops 3, which is one of the series’ most popular PC titles.

Since Black Ops 3 is so popular, players have been going to its page on Steam for years. Recently, when players looked there, they noticed that artwork for Modern Warfare 2 popped up.

While this could be a simple mix-up with Steam’s code, it seems strange that Activision would place any artwork on Steam for MWII. Obviously, this could suggest Activision is planning to launch Modern Warfare 2, and possibly future titles, on Steam in addition to Steam is far and away the more popular marketplace for PC gamers and could bring in additional revenue for Activision by increasing sales for Modern Warfare 2.

Of course, none of this information is confirmed as of right now. If more information on the subject pops up, it could be in part due to the upcoming reveal trailer for MWII, which is slated for June 8 at the Summer Games Fest.

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