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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s newest update, version 1.08, is now available to download across all platforms. A highly anticipated update, 1.08 brings some requested changes to the overall weapon balance. Also included is an adjustment to how footstep audio works, which was, and still is to some, Modern Warfare‘s biggest issue. As for the rest of the update, some general stability and UI fixes and spawn fixes were introduced. Many fans felt this update needed to deliver for Modern Warfare to remain successful. So, how did Infinity Ward do?

Footstep audio once again adjusted in 1.08

With every update from here on out, fans will expect some kind of footstep audio tweak. Across the board, footsteps are simply too loud in Modern Warfare, whether you’re walking, crouching, or sprinting. Fans feel that they are punished for moving around the map as they can be heard from a great distance away.

However, in 1.08, the footsteps were changed, just as they were in update 1.07. Here’s the exact wording from Infinity Ward on how this audio was adjusted:

Modern Warfare footsteps
Source: Reddit

If you’re confused by the wording of this explanation, you’re not alone. While Infinity Ward could have made it much easier to understand, it basically boils down to one change. Now in 1.08, when aiming down sights or crouching, your footsteps will be as silent as they are when you’re walking. Before, crouch walking made the same sound as walking, which didn’t make any sense.

A new round of weapon balancing

As we saw in update 1.07, weapon balance remains a high priority for Infinity Ward. This time around, they’re trying to deal with the 725 shotgun and M4A1 assault rifle again. In an attempt to nerf the overpowered 725, the shotgun now has reduced range, eliminating those insane long-shot kills.

Also in 1.08, assault rifles now have increased hip spread. In terms of specific ARs, the M4A1 won’t kill as quickly when aiming for the head. Along with the M4A1, the FAL, one of the most underpowered weapons, has much better recoil.

Modern Warfare weapons

Additional fixes in the 1.08 update

One major gripe fans have with Modern Warfare at the moment is the janky challenge tracking. Although, with 1.08, challenges should now track properly instead of only counting some of your progress.

Another relatively big adjustment in 1.08 is the spawn logic on various maps, but particularly Piccadilly. Before, especially on Team Deathmatch, players would continue to spawn in the same spot on the map regardless of the enemies around you. With 1.08, spawns should be more susceptible to flip instead of remaining in the same area.

What do you think of the changes made with 1.08? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage.

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