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Spoiler season for Modern Horizons is upon us with a bang! The official Magic: The Gathering Twitch stream has been revealing cards all day. We already covered spoilers for eight new Common cards and four Common reprints coming to Modern Horizons. We now have a look at three new-to-Modern Uncommon card spoilers: Firebolt, Wing Shards, and Goblin Matron!


Firebolt, Modern Horizons

Firebolt is a reprint with an original printing in Odyssey (2001). If you’ve ever played in the Pauper format, you may have seen it around. Well, now it’s available to play in Modern! It has game as a Sorcery speed Shock in the early game, but it can recur in the late game for 5 mana via its Flashback ability, which lets you cast it from the graveyard. While Modern certainly has stronger burn spells, Firebolt is a very grindy card that may see play in a deck or two.

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Wing Shards

Wing Shards, Modern Horizons

This card is an absolute beating in Limited. Originally printed in Scourge (2003), Wing Shards is one of the more “fair” Storm cards that exist. It may see play in Modern as a sideboard card against Izzet Phoenix, but that may be a stretch. However, it’s strength in Modern Horizons Limited will be unrivaled as a cheaper, non-exiling Settle the Wreckage.

Goblin Matron

Goblin Matron, Modern Horizons

Goblin players rejoice! Originally printed in 7th Edition (2001), Goblin Matron is a staple in the Legacy Goblins deck. We already have Aether Vial in Modern, which will allow players to flash Goblin Matron in to search their libraries for any Goblin card they want in any given situation. This gives Modern Goblins a huge boost in power and flexibility. Modern doesn’t have much of a Goblin archetype outside of 8-Whack, but the addition of Goblin Matron to the format may change that.

Stay Tuned!

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