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Modern Horizons spoiler season is in full swing, and we got some awesome new additions today! Despite today being a little slow on the spoilers front, we finally got the Onslaught cycle lands and we even have what seems to be a Modern-legal Timetwister! Let’s check these MTG spoilers out.

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Big reveals

Onslaught Lands: In this article that also mentions the new card Tectonic Reformation, we take a look at the new-to-Modern Onslaught cycle lands!

Echo of Eons: This card is the definition of ‘pushing the envelope’ as far as power goes. Its base mode is fine, 6 mana for a Timetwister effect. But, the fact that you can cast it back for 3 mana is absolutely insane and will surely break something.

Hall of Heliod’s Generosity: A land that serves as the enchantment version of Academy Ruins, this leaked card was officially revealed today. Take a look to see just what it can do!

Additional Modern Horizon Reveals

As usual, we have a few more spoilers to look at! (Translations courtesy of MTGsalvation.com)

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Overall, today was pretty light on spoilers when compared to yesterday. Still, we did get some pretty good stuff! Check out Mark Rosewater‘s spoiler “Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis,” for instance. Hogaak is probably one of the most interesting creatures from Modern Horizons with his dual keyword design. Though he costs 7 mana, some decks (looking at you, Dredge) could possibly get him out as early as turn 2 or 3 using his dredge and Convoke abilities. Hogaak is a very scary card and may have a pretty solid home in Modern.

Tribute Mage is also a card worthy of mention from today’s Modern Horizons spoilers. It fits right in, completing the cycle composed of Trinket Mage, Trophy Mage, and Treasure Mage.  Each member of this cycle searches for an artifact of a certain cost, and now Tribute Mage allows us to find 2 mana artifacts. While Modern may not be crazy about this effect, this will be a solid Cube card for cubes that run Signets, Smuggler’s Copter, Winter Orb, and any of the other good 2 mana artifacts.

Stay Tuned!

Modern Horizons spoilers are still coming, and Daily Esports is here to keep you informed on our MTG page! If you missed any of the prior days of spoilers, check them out below!

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