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MTG Modern Horizons spoilers have been absolutely crazy today! We’ve seen a Commander card printed into Modern, Yawgmoth’s first creature card, a new Storm card, and quite a bit more. Let’s take a look at what all happened today!

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Big Reveals

Sword of Sinew and Steel: Technically revealed this weekend, Sword of Sinew and Steel was released late Saturday night. It boasts great protection colors and a pretty grindy ability. Take a look!

Yawgmoth, Thran Physician: Yawgmoth finally got his own card after being one of MTG‘s biggest villains ever! Check this guy out — he really seems like quite the strong card.

Collector Ouphe: A classic hatebear, Collector Ouphe is sure to make any artifact players cringe a little with its Stony Silence ability.

Eladamri’s Call: A 2 mana tutor who’s legal in Modern? Who’d have thought we’d see the day? While not particularly busted, this card has the potential to make splashes in the format.

Kess, Dissident Mage: While she was previously available only through a Commander precon, Kess is now Modern legal and has her very own, non-foil printing.

Kaya’s Guile: Our newest “Command” style card, check out this awesome, flexible addition to Modern from Modern Horizons.

Other Modern Horizons Reveals

As usual, there are a few more cards that were shown off today that didn’t quite make it into articles. Let’s check them out (translations provided by MTGSalvation.com)!

Enduring Sliver, MTG, Modern Horizons Segovian Angel, Modern horizons, preview Valiant Changeling, Modern Horizons Spell Snuff String of Disappearances Bladeback Sliver, MTG. spoilers Nantuko Cultivator Webweaver Changeling Ingenious Infiltrator TalismanWeather the Storm, Storm, MTG, Modern HorizonsSpiteful Sliver, MTG, Modern Horizons

Now, of these, let’s talk a bit about the Talismans. We originally saw a set of Talismans in Mirrodin reflecting the ally colors. Well, looks like we’re getting the other half of the cycle, the enemy colors, in Modern Horizons. Only one is shown above, but you can check out the others here.

Weather the Storm is going to be a format all-start in Pauper, Modern, and maybe even Legacy. It allows you to gain tons of life in the right situations and is a 2 mana way to completely destroy Grapeshot or Tendrils of Agony Storm decks. There’s also a cool idea of using it alongside Aetherflux Resivor for a combo win, which sounds crazy fun — if a little unrealistic.

Stay Tuned!

Daily Esports is here to keep you up to date on all MTG news, so check out our news page! If you missed the last few days of spoilers, you can check them out below!

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