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Mobalytics has joined forces with the LCS to close the ever-widening gap between the amateur scene and pro players in North America. In this reveal, Mobalytics announced the launch of its updated platform for a new amateur ecosystem in collaboration with the LCS. Mobalytics is a personal gaming and performance analytics platform that is home to seven million users.

The LCS and Mobalytics are no strangers to collaboration on NA’s amateur esports scene. The platform worked with the LCS as its official data partner on the Scouting Grounds in the last two years. This collaboration is still being maintained for the 2021 Proving Grounds tournament.  The new collaboration provides a much easier system of scouting young NA talents at very early stages.

In a response to Upcomer on the collaboration and further goals, Bogdan Sychykm, CEO and Co-Founder at Mobalytics, said:

“One of our main goals has always been to create a more robust way to assess player performance. To do that, we created the Gamer Performance Index (GPI) that uses a unique set of algorithms to identify player performance in eight different areas essential for any LoL player. We started with a small base of everyday solo queue players and now we have millions of users around the globe.

“Amateur Esports is the perfect next step to apply our knowledge and unique GPI technology to help teams understand player performance at a much deeper level and help them scout for upcoming talent.

“Eventually, we would love to move further into the pro scene and establish the GPI as a standard for player performance assessment at all levels. Starting from solo queue, going into the amateur scene, and finishing with the pro leagues.”

More details on the new ecosystem

Mobalytics eco system
Image provided by Mobalytics

Furthermore, the new system provides an efficient solution for finding new esports talents in NA. Teams can now easily measure potential recruits against the current level of talent using the system. The Mobalytics esports page already serves as the official source for NA Amateur League of Legends content.

In addition, the site allows teams to see all amateur player statistics across all games played. Teams can see a detailed assessment of a players performance with the GPI. The updated platform showcases information such as players champion pools, KDA and other statistics. In short, the new ecosystem makes scouting the next NA talents much easier.

After revamping the amateur tournament system earlier this year, the LCS, and Mobalytics, are showing further commitment towards the scene. The new format of the amateur system runs from March 30 to April 26. At the LCS Proving Grounds, 16 of the best teams will compete for a share of a $100,000 grand prize.