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The European Masters Group B finished competition April 20 as Misfits Premier and ŠAIM SE SuppUp advance to the knockout stage. Misfits topped the group with a 5-1 record as SuppUp snuck in at 3-3. The two teams will compete in the quarter finals after the conclusion of the group stage on April 23. The other teams in Group B, AGO ROGUE and G2 Artic both finish their Spring Split in the group stage with a 2-4 record.

Misfits Premier dominate Group B at EU Masters

Misfits Premier came into EU Masters from the French league: La Ligue Francaise. They ended the Spring Split with a second place finish in both the regular season and playoffs. In both instances they were bested by Karmine Corp. Misfits came into the tournament as one of the favorites, since the LFL is considered one of the strongest European leagues. The team also has a history of deep runs at the event. Misfits won the tournament in spring of 2019 and finished in the knock stage last year in the summer tournament.

In Group B, Misfits only fell to SuppUP in their first matchup. Misfits took an early lead with a triple kill in the bottom lane thanks to the veteran bot lane duo of Jakub “Jactroll” Skurzyński and Paweł “Woolite” Pruski. But SuppUP held strong as Misfits had an over 8,000 gold lead on the Polish side. SuppUP won three late-game team fights and ended the game off of an Elder Dragon fight.

After that loss, Misfits did not drop a game. The team snowballed many of their early leads thanks to their young jungler Lucjan “Shlatan” Ahmad. On aggressive champions like Kayn, the 19-year old would gain leads across the map. Misfits ended the group stage with an average game time of 26 minutes, and ended their rematch against SuppUp in 17 minutes. They leave the group with the top seed and will play against a second seed in the quarter finals.

ŠAIM SE SuppUp sneak into EU Masters quarter finals

This is the first time ŠAIM SE SuppUp has passed the group stage at Masters in its history. In summer of 2020, SuppUp went 0-6 and bombed out of the group stage. In the spring event, they went 3-3 but finished and missed out on the knockout stage by one game.

The squad is helmed by its mid laner Mihail “twohoyrz” Petkov . The Bulgarian player drew multiple bans for his Nocturn play and is their mid game carry on champions like Akali and Lucian. He finished the group stage with a 6.6 Kills / Deaths / Assist ratio and a 77% Kill participation record. The team also has a strong bottom lane with team veteran Teodor “Vzz” Cholakov and newcomer Mertai “Mersa” Sari.

ŠAIM SE SuppUp will go into the knockout stage as a second seed for the organizations first quarterfinals appearance at Eu Masters. The rest of the groups will be decided throughout the week as the group stage continues until April 23 barring tiebreakers.