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The Minnesota ROKKR have shocked the Call of Duty League, defeating OpTic Chicago 3-0. This was ROKKR’s first match with rookie Eli “Standy” Bentz in the lineup after the organization benched Mike “MajorManaik” Szymaniak earlier this week.

Favorites OpTic Chicago swept by Minnesota ROKKR

OpTic Chicago came into this week two Stage 2 match as the heavy favorites. The map vetoes were in their favor and Minnesota has only had a few days to practice with Standy on the roster. Also, OpTic has been a top-three team in the Call of Duty League this year, meaning they would have been the favorites regardless.

In a surprising turn of events though, ROKKR managed to pull off one of the more improbable wins of the 2021 season. A clean 3-0 sweep was the result, and the addition of Standy seemingly helped the previously 3-5 team more than most thought possible.

Standy makes all the difference

Standy was clearly the difference-maker on every map, applying pressure to OpTic whenever the opportunity arose. His speed seemed to catch Chicago off guard. They were visibly frustrated in the opening Hardpoint, where they lost 250-81. Brandon “Dashy” Otell finished with a miserable 7/18 K/D while Standy dominated with a 23/13 stat line.

Things didn’t get better for OpTic after that. They were outclassed down the stretch in Search and Destroy by Standy’s 13 kill performance. The nail in the coffin was the Control on Raid, where OpTic was previously a flawless 9-0. However, thanks to Standy and his SMG duo Dillon “Attach” Price going a combined 55/45, the 9-0 record fell to 9-1.

In the end, Standy finished with a 1.52 K/D in the series. This is the best debut for a rookie in the past two seasons, according to CDL analyst EasyMac.

Minnesota now sits at 4-5 in the standings while Chicago falls to 7-4. If ROKKR can continue to play this well with Standy, they could shock even more teams come the Stage 2 Major.

Both squads are back on Sunday, March 25. Minnesota faces Dallas and Chicago battles Florida at 4:30 and 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time, respectively.