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Mineski win the AMD Dota 2 Pro Series in Australia

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Mineski reverse sweep Newbee.MGB in the final to be crowned champions

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The AMD Dota 2 Pro Series took place in Melbourne last weekend. After an intense run of games, Mineski took the grand final to five games, defeating Newbee.MrGameBoy. Mineski were one of two international teams invited to play in the series. OG, the grand champions of The International 8, were taken down by Newbee.MGB in the lower bracket finals.

A fantastic line-up of teams was present for the tournament. Two Australian teams qualified. They were joined by two teams from China, and two from Southeast Asia. You can check out the tournament lineup below.

Mineski win the first Dota 2 Pro Series in Melbourne

This is the first time Australia has held a Dota 2 series on this scale. It’s the first time big international teams have been invited to compete against Australians. A total of AU$50,000 was up for grabs. Mineski claimed $25,000 with the runners-up taking half that.

Mineski’s run to the finals was exciting to watch. As the first game of the day, Mineski took on Deathbringer in a Bo3. A nice clean finish saw them through to the upper bracket finals. Newbee.MGB breezed through their games, claiming victory to each opponent. An action-packed Bo3 against OG saw Newbee.MGB win 2-1. Once the Bo3s were over, it was all down to Bo1s. No mistakes. No room for error. Newbee.MGB faced OG once again in the lower bracket finals. Back to best of threes, Newbee.MGB defeated OG 2-1 again.

Grand Final

The grand final was a complete showdown. A nail-biting five-match game. Newbee.MGB won the first two games and Mineski fought back to take the final to five games. After a grueling match, including network issues and server attacks, Mineski defeated the Southeast Asian team to take the prize. The final game was over 40 minutes long. The newly crowned Dota 2 champions were excited about their win and keen to come back:

“Yeah this country is great, so why not [come back to Australia]… we love you guys and thanks for supporting us,” said Mineski during their grand final interview.

It was also incredible to see an Aussie in the winning team. Kpii was certainly feeling the love from the crowd:

Thank you guys. I’d like to thank everyone for coming to this event, especially since it’s in Australia. It’s our first Australian event and I’m so happy we won. So thank you to everyone who came.


Over two full days, the results from the tournament are as stands:

  • PG.Barracx (1) defeated AGN.Black (0) – Lower Bracket 1
  • Alpha Red (1) defeated N9 (0) – Lower Bracket 2
  • Mineski (2) defeated Deathbringer (0) – Upper Bracket
  • Newbee.MGB (2) defeated OG (0) – Upper Bracket 2
  • PG.Barracx (1) defeated Deathbringer (0) – Lower Bracket 3
  • OG (1) defeated Alpha Red (0) – Lower Bracket 4
  • OG (1) defeated PG.Barracx (0) – Lower Bracket 5


  • Mineski (2) defeated Newbee.MGB (1) – Upper Bracket Finals
  • Newbee.MGB (2) defeated OG (1) – Lower Bracket Finals
  • Mineski (3) defeated Newbee.MGB (2) – Grand Final

Dota in Australia

Australia has definitely shown its passion and commitment to Dota. The majority of the talent came directly from Australia. This includes GoDz, who was born and raised in Australia. Two Australian teams competed. Both international invited teams had Aussie players. Kpii from Mineski and Ana from OG are both born and bred Aussies. SirActionSlacks, a well-known international Dota celebrity, frequently commented on the passion shown by the Aussie fans throughout the weekend.

The tournament was run independently from Valve. It’s amazing that a group of young Australians can put together such a high-caliber competition. The events team was made up of Convictus Esports, Evolution Events, Zen Gaming, and Black Shatan. Sponsors included AMD, MSY Technology, AK Racing, PacketGG, and Beyond the Summit. Fan content flowed in after the tournament on Reddit and various social media platforms. It seems we may see another Dota 2 Pro Series in Australia sometime in the future.

Check out all the content from the weekend at Beyond the Summit’s Twitch channel. There’s also a fun showreel from the Convictus team on their thoughts about the series and the Dota scene Down Under.

[Disclaimer: the author joined SirActionSlacks on stage as the co-host. I’m humbled to have been part of this event and can’t wait for more exciting tournaments to happen in Australia.]
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