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Following a slew of terrible results, players Taco and Fer and the coach dead have been removed from MIBR’s active lineup effective immediately. While dead is new to the team, Taco and Fer have been with FalleN for over five years, winning many events, including back to back major titles.

Coach Ricardo “⁠dead⁠” Sinigaglia has been with MIBR for the past six months, but his removal was expected following his involvement in the abuse of a coaching bug and a 6-month coaching ban. This ban made MIBR furious as they lost all of their Valve Regional Major Ranking Points, making it nearly impossible to qualify for the major.

What Happened to MIBR?

This decision may seem surprising as MIBR’s Fer and Taco have a legendary status in the Counter-Strike scene, but this roster has not clicked in recent years. The last title this team took home was back in 2018 at ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 when Taco was on Team Liquid, and MIBR had Tarik and Stewie2k. During their recent boot camp, MIBR won only four matches out of fourteen to opponents mostly outside the HLTV top 50 rankings. In a final attempt to salvage the roster, kNgV took over the role of IGL, but the results were not there.

FalleN reacts to the situation

On twitter, FalleN posted he too is stepping down, which means the remnants of the core roster that won back to back majors with Luminosity and LG are no longer with MIBR.

With MIBR removing Fer and Taco, and FalleN stepping down, they now have only kNgV and trk with just under a month to find three new players to compete and earn back some Regional Major Ranking Points on October 6th. As stated by kNgV, this decision was made by MIBR’s Upper Management and is not the player’s wishes. IGL kNgV took to Twitter to argue against these roster changes saying that with multiple roster changes over the past year, it has been impossible to develop as a team fully. Currently, the players themselves have not said much as the organization finalizes the change but will hopefully continue playing and return to their form that the fans know they have achieved before.