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Brazilian esports organization MiBR Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) player Fernando “fer” Alvarenga revealed that he has injured himself in a scooter accident. In a post on Instagram, the player showed his arm in a sling. He also noted that he had broken his left clavicle, along with fracturing his right wrist and hand.

MiBR fer’s injuries

Fer got his start in playing in Counter-Strike 1.6. He currently plays for MiBR as its entry fragger and has competed under organizations like SK Gaming, Keyd Stars, KaBuM Esports, and more. He posted to Instagram to describe how he had fallen off a scooter while going nearly 70 kilometers per hour. This is equivalent to 43 miles per hour. While the player went to the hospital for treatment, fer still participated in the organization’s matches.

MiBR player fer reveals injuries

Ricardo Sinigaglia, the manager for MiBR’s CSGO roster, assured fans that fer could still play normally at the pro level. In turn, his statement confirmed that fer would continue playing on the roster. Despite the hand injury in a game that uses both hands, the team still seemingly performed like normal in later games.

New CSGO lineup

With Marcelo “coldzera” David leaving the team for FaZe Clan, Vito “kNgV-” Giuseppe has joined the roster. The new roster has only been together for almost a month. While together, the roster has gone on to place 4th at 2019’s BLAST Pro Series: Moscow and 3 – 4th at Budapest’s V4 Future Sports Festival. However, MiBR did not manage to achieve the same results in their recent match at ECS. The Brazilian team ultimately lost to South African organization ATK, which is only a challenger team.

MiBR is currently one of 12 teams competing in Season 8 of North America’s Esports Championship Series. Fer and the Brazilian organization play their next matches in Season 10 of North America’s ESL Pro League.

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