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Immortals Gaming Club-owned Brazilian esports organization MiBR announced they have signed Vito “kNgV-” Giuseppe as the CSGO roster’s fifth player. The former INTZ Esports player joins to fill in Marcelo “coldzera” David’s spot, who was benched after requesting to leave the organization in July.

MiBR CSGO roster

The MiBR roster will consist of Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, Fernando “fer” Alvarenga, Epitacio “TACO” de Melo, Lucas “LUCAS1” Teles, and Vito “kNgV-” Giuseppe. Wilton “zews” Prado is the team’s coach. 

“I want to thank IGC/MIBR for giving me this second chance, a second opportunity. I know I have failed a lot in the past, but I believe that everyone always deserves a second chance in life, and this is mine,” wrote Vito “kNgV-” Giuseppe on his return to Immortals. “For this organization, I will finish what I’ve started two years ago. Close, but no cigar, but we will keep chasing this dream together and once again, thank you so much for this second chance, and I can’t wait to prove day by day the reason why I deserve to be here.”

This announcement was hinted in August when Giuseppe announced that he had been approved for a United States visa. This was significant because he had many issues in prior organizations due to visa problems. This included a 2017 instance while playing for Immortals where he was refused entry to the US for working on a tourist visa. 

Vito “kNgV-” Giuseppe

Vito “kNgV-” Giuseppe is a Brazilian professional CSGO player. He started his competitive career in Counter-Strike 1.6 on teams like CNB Esports Club, semXorah, and gamerHouse. Then he transitioned to teams like playArt, Afterall Gaming, g3nerationX, Keyd Stars, Orbit Esports, and Red Reserve with CSGO. After joining Immortals on a loan, he stayed with the organization for four months. He later joined North American esports organization 100 Thieves but was quickly let go after a Twitter feud involving “offensive” language. 

After his departure from 100 Thieves, kNgV played for teams like Não Tem Como and NoTag before settling for INTZ Esports. He stayed with INTZ Esports for nearly a year and helped them qualify for 2019’s StarLadder Berlin Major. Unfortunately, the team was knocked out in the New Challengers Stage after 3 losses like against Tyloo. 

Since INTZ was eliminated, kNgV has started practicing with his new teammates for MiBR’s upcoming BLAST Pro Series Moscow event. MiBR will also take part in the V4 Future Sports Festival in Budapest on September 19.