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Melee It On Me announced the 5 Days of Melee fundraiser in a tweet on December 6. The week-long content block will raise money for Direct Relief. Direct Relief has helped to provide medical equipment and critical medications to health care workers throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The 5 Days of Melee broadcast will consist of 108 consecutive hours of Smash Melee and Project M content. It will begin on December 14, following the debut of Travis “Samox” Beauchamp’s Metagame documentary. The event will lead up to the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 3, which begins on December 18.

During this week of Melee, fans will be able to purchase exclusive merchandise from an online gift shop. After Nintendo shut down The Big House over its use of Slippi, Melee players began to consider hosting charity tournaments. The community has determined that Nintendo isn’t likely to cease and desist an event if the proceeds go to charity. Previously, Nintendo reversed its decision to pull Melee from Evo 2013 because the community had raised thousands of dollars for charity.

More about 5 Days of Melee

The 5 Days of Melee will notably feature a handful of competitive tournaments. First among these is EU Series, a tournament restricted to European players. Later in the week, North American competitors will have the chance to qualify for the LACS 3 at Rollback Rumble. There will be two Rollback Rumble brackets: one for the East Coast and one for the West Coast.

Besides these competitive events, the week of Melee will include lots of casual content. This includes podcasts, game shows, a combo contest, and Among Us and Mafia matches, among other things. In addition, the broadcast will include a handful of Project M showcases.

Notably, the 5 Days of Melee will dedicate a large chunk of time for Grand Finals Through Time. This content block will guide viewers through Super Smash Bros. Melee history by rebroadcasting major Melee Grand Finals sets. These sets will begin in 2003 and run all the way through modern events.

Interested Super Smash Bros. Melee fans can view the full event schedule on its Smash.gg page. The 5 Days of Melee will begin at 1 PM ET on Monday, December 14. Beyond the Summit will livestream the whole event on twitch.tv/btssmash.