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Converse Esports, the esports team of Converse University, had its main Twitter account taken over by its former head esports coach Maxwell Wood on July 16. The takeover was exposed by the Creative Director of Converse Esports Tyler Thompson on Twitter. Wood also created a Twitter account under the alternative @ for the esports team. He changed the main account to Hire Max Wood and the alternative account to Buy me Back.

“I am the Creative Director for Converse Esports,” Thompson tweeted. “Maxwell Wood was fired today, has taken over the Converse Esports twitter, kicked out all social media staff, and is holding it hostage as @hire_max and use and alt to the @ for @converseesports.”

Thompson also showed screenshots of a Discord conversation around the takeover in which Wood responded to the team’s messages about the situation.

“That’s me guys, sorry, need the account to push my resume.” Wood wrote in the Discord. “Gotta pay that @Social media”

An hour after the initial post, Thompson posted an update. He said Max relinquished control of the account and that the situation was under control. The @hire_max Twitter account has been deactivated and @converseesports is back to its usual look, with logo and Twitter bio returned to what they were before the takeover. Wood’s personal Twitter has also been deactivated. Converse University deleted the information page about Maxwell Wood and the article announcing his hiring as their esports head coach.

Maxwell Wood before Converse Esports

According to Wood’s LinkedIn profile, he is a George Mason University graduate and was previously a part of two esports organizations. He was the CEO and founder of Underdog Esports and the International Director of Lowkey Esports.

Fans may remember Lowkey Esports as the organization that reportedly failed to pay many of their players and staff at the start of 2020 first reported by theScore esports. Multiple teams and staff members around the world reportedly did not receive payment for their work with the organization.

After his stint on Lowkey Esports, which ended in January of 2020, Wood’s profile says he has been a self-employed business analyst and the CFO of Rylee Trading. He also shows up as the head coach of the Ottawa University esports program, according to an article from The Ottawa Herald on Aug. 7 2020.