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On the evening of Oct. 28, 2021, DOTA 2 released a blog post that announced the release of Marci, the newest DOTA 2 hero. She was first announced during The International 10 and is being released alongside the new 7.30e gameplay update.

Marci marches into DOTA 2 in most recent update

The newest DOTA 2 hero, Marci, is a character featured in the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood anime that was released last year on Netflix. In the show, she is the humble steward of Mirana, a priestess of the moon. One of her main gimmicks is the fact that she does not actually speak in the show, which left a lot of fans wondering what her voice lines would be like.

From first impressions of the hero, she seems to focus on buffing allies and providing utility to the team with the use of her spells. Here is some basic information about the abilities she can use:

  • Dispose- Grabs an ally or enemy and throws them behind her, stunning anything that is in a radius of the target
  • Rebound- A vector targeted spell that allows Marci to jump onto an ally and immediately jump again to another position. Also buffs both Marci and her ally
  • Sidekick – A basic buff that affects Marci and another ally. Provides lifesteal and attack damage
  • Unleash- Marci delivers rapid strikes that create a damaging pulse around her target. Also slows target movement and attack speed

 Update 7.30e

Along with the release of Marci, the blog post also dropped the newest DOTA 2 patch – 7.30e. The patch takes into account all the strategies that were most common in The International 10 and balances them to improve the gameplay experience. Some of the main nerfs include Shadow Blade’s damage, Bane’s overall stats, and the Magnus that arguably helped Team Spirit win The International 10.

As a final note, the blog post also mentions the release of the newest DOTA 2 treasure: Treasure of the Wordless Trek. The treasure is now on sale for $2.49 and features sets for Zeus, Sven, Puck, Lina, Brewmaster, Clockwerk, Lich, Pangolier, Templar Assassin, and Ancient Apparation.