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In an announcement in the middle of The International 10 broadcast, Valve announced Marci as the newest hero in DOTA 2, coming at the end of fall. The voiceless hero followed the announcement for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 2.

Marci was announced as the newest hero in DOTA 2

At the end of the PSG.LGD vs Team Secret series, Valve showed the trailer for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 2. The popular Netflix show took fans into the world of DOTA 2 last year. Fans follow Davion, the Dragon Knight as he explores the world of DOTA along with Mirana and Marci. The trailer introduced several new characters to the cast, most prominently Lina and Chen. Along with the introduction of new heroes, the classic DOTA creeps were also shown for the first time. Teased as zombies in the first season, it seems that lore behind the battle of ancients will be revealed in this new season.

Along with the announcement of the show, the newest hero to join the ranks of DOTA was announced – Marci, loyal patron to Mirana in Dragon’s Blood. While not a lot was revealed about Marci in the first season of the show, the mute patron of Mirana quickly became a fan favorite as her personality shined through. The reveal included Marci beating up several Dire creeps, and seems to reveal an ability that empowers an auto-attack. However, fans can only speculate from this point forward about the nature of her abilities, what her kit with include and counter play for the new hero. Marci will be the second major reference to the show added to DOTA 2. The first was the Dragon Knight’s persona from this year’s Battle Pass, which added a new Dragon Form and several voice lines.