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Melbourne Esports Open featured the OPL finals for a second year running. After a grueling season, Mammoth Esports and the Chiefs Esports Club ended first and second on the ladder. It was time for the showdown. Mammoth Esports took the stage early and clean swept the Chiefs to win the OPL finals 3-0. Their victory earns them a place at the play-ins in Berlin for Worlds, which will take place later this year in Paris. The top teams from all around the world will battle it out.

But before we get too carried away about Worlds, here’s what went down in the OPL finals.

Clean sweep 3-0

Thousands of fans packed into the arena to watch Mammoth take on Chiefs. The finals played a best-of-five format to determine the victor. While Chiefs were the clear favorites – and seemed to have the edge going into the finals – Mammoth Esports quickly established themselves. Mammoth swiftly took the first and second games from the Chiefs. Chiefs were on the back foot heading into the third game. Fans were expecting a comeback, and the Chiefs had subbed a rookie for their top lane.

Everything was looking good as the Chiefs defeated the first dragon and took down Mammoth in the majority of the team fights. Approximately 35 minutes into the game, it looked like Chiefs would take the win. The Chiefs took Baron, while Mammoth grabbed the Elder Dragon. Two infernos + an Elder dragon vs. Baron. It was was anyone’s game! And then, Mammoth took the next team fight and ran down the middle lane, taking out the turrets and inhibitors as they went. It was all over for the Chiefs. Mammoth had clean swept them to take the OPL finals.

Mammoth emotional to the core

As Mammoth took the stage for interviews, an emotional Mitchell “Destiny” Shaw described his feelings and overwhelming joy at winning:

It feels bloody fantastic, I’m just so glad we won! I haven’t been international in a long time, so definitely feels really good. I’m just super proud of the guys. You’ve never heard of a team going fifth in the first split, and then winning the next split, that’s unheard of. And I’m just super grateful to be with all these players.

Destiny and his team will be heading to Worlds. It’s not the first time, however, that some of these players will be going. Calvin “k1ng” Truong and Stephen “Triple” Li will be making an appearance once again. k1ng says they won’t fail like last time. Triple backs him up:

Yeah we’re going back to Worlds. I’m just so grateful to have a team like this. I’m just so glad… like we worked so hard and I’m so glad the journey doesn’t end here for these guys.

k1ng believes this is the best roster that’s been sent to Worlds. We caught up with k1ng for an interview after the games, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, we wish Mammoth all the best.

If you missed the games, rewatch all the action on the official Riot OCE Twitch channel. And there’s more action from the Melbourne Esports Open to come. There’s still the Overwatch Contenders grand final, as well as the Six Masters. Stay tuned for interviews, updates, and results.