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The North American Regional Qualifier has brought with it fun storylines and dominant performances as Undying qualify for The International. North America has proven to be an exciting region to watch. Here are the main takeaways from the North American Regional Qualifier.

Undying remain dominant in North American Regional Qualifier

The regular season of the North American Dota Pro Circuit had a clear top three: Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew and Team Undying. The results of the North American regional qualifier only strengthen those results. Undying was able to make it out of the North American Regional Qualifier without dropping a single map. They beat their main rivals, 4Zoomers, with a five to zero map record. Undying relied on hyper carries such as Spectre and Morphling, masterfully piloted by Enzo “Timado” Gianoli.

Out of all the previous qualifiers, no other team has taken the tournament in such dominant fashion. Undying were close to making it to the Kyiv AniMajor a few months ago – losing in a close tiebreaker against Quincy Crew. The newly formed squad will now have their first taste of international competition since their inception. 

The Black and Yellow (BnY) vs bumble bEE rivalry becomes a main storyline 

The drama between the two teams has been brewing since before the qualifiers started. Jacky “Eternalenvy” Mao, was a part of BnY. However, he decided to try and leave the team before the beginning of Season 2 of the North American DPC. According to a twitlonger written by Daniel “Zero” Yun, Eternalenvy tried to take control of the team and kick two of the original members in order to form a team that fit EternalEnvy’s liking. The situation ended with EternalEnvy creating his own team – Bumble bEEs – to compete in the regional qualifier. 

The argument brought itself to the game of Dota where both teams had to face each other in order to avoid elimination. The series went to all three games. In the end, the Bumble bEEs were able to take the win against Black and Yellow. The key lied in the Oracle and Death Prophet openers that the Bumble bEEs stuck with through Game 2 and 3. The tanky frontline of Death Prophet, in addition to the two tanky offlaners drafted by the Bumble bEEs, were able to push them over the edge. EternalEnvy in particular played well on all carries that he piloted. However, neither team was able to go further than the semi finals, despite bringing an exciting rivalry to the North American regional qualifier.