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Some big news on Dead or Alive 6 coming in from EVO Japan this weekend, as it was announced that Mai Shiranui from The King of Fighters will be joining the cast as a guest character! Not only that, another representative from the KoF universe will be joining her, but no word or hints on who that may be yet. Mai will be available in June as part of the first Season Pass for the game, which will also include 62 (!) costumes.

We will also be getting another chance for players to try the game. A “Deluxe Demo” of the game will be available next weekend Feb. 22 – 24. This demo is essentially a preview of the entire full game, which will include online ranked and lobby matches, Free Training, Tutorials, Command Training, Combo Challenges, an introduction to the Story mode, as well as the full roster of 24 characters, with all of the hairstyles and glasses available for each of the playable characters.

It is almost unheard of to see a demo of this scope available to the public. If you were on the fence about getting the game, you will never have a better chance to make up your mind since you can play basically the entire game for free for three whole days! Keep in mind though that the demo is only available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus subscribers. So, once again, sorry PC players, but it looks like you will have to wait until release.

Speculation runs amok of who the other King of Fighters character will be, and while the cynical side of me thinks it will just be Terry again, I hope we can get a less represented character from King of Fighters to join the roster. Dead or Alive 6 releases on Mar. 1 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.