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Magic Arena revolutionized the way we play Magic: The Gathering. It made the game accessible to thousands, put a spotlight on the game as an esport, and brought a fresh face to the world of online card games. Whether it’s to draft the latest set or play games of Standard, people around the globe play every day. Many were a bit skeptical of the software when it first released, comparing it as a bad version of Magic Online. There were also numerous bugs early in the beta, causing many players to feel frustrated with the multiple crashes and graphics issues. However, the game continued to improve and won over newbies and veteran players alike.

It’s no surprise, then, that Magic Arena is celebrating one billion games played! Coming less than a full year (251 days) after its open beta release, this is incredibly impressive. It is currently estimated that Magic Arena experiences 3.9 million games per day, on average. In celebration of this momentous occasion and huge milestone, Wizards of the Coast is offering a free card pack code! Enter in the code OneBillion to receive one free pack of War of the Spark.

More Magic codes await

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