MAD Lions welcome Nisqy to their LEC roster
MAD Lions Nisqy

MAD Lions welcome Nisqy to their LEC roster

MAD Lions announce Nisqy as starting mid-laner for their LEC roster

MAD Lions officially announced the signing of former Fnatic mid laner Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer on Friday for their LEC roster. The 23-year-old once played for the organization under their Splyce banner and will join them in the upcoming summer split.

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Fans already anticipated Nisqy’s return after a report by Upcomer in April. Nisqy spent the spring split on the bench for Fnatic after the organization decided to sign MAD’s Marek “Humanoid” Brazda for their starting roster.

A new mid lane for MAD Lions in LEC Summer Split 2022

After a seventh-place finishes in the LEC spring split, MAD’s decision to make a roster change is no surprise. Although fans expected a weaker team due to the loss of two star players, the failure to qualify for playoffs left many disappointed.

The team struggled to maintain consistency throughout the spring split and it affected them in the end. Furthermore, while Steven “Reeker” Chen proved to be a promising rookie, he could not fill the shoes of their former mid-laner and in-game lander, Humanoid. Moreover, they struggled to reignite the mid-jungle synergy which was a key part of their game last year. MAD will hope that the introduction of a more experienced mid laner helps them accomplish their LEC summer split goals.

Nisqy comes into MAD with LEC, LCS as well as Worlds experience. He won the LCS spring title in 2020 with Cloud9 and finished second in the 2021 LEC summer playoffs with Fnatic. His absence from professional play in spring surprised many fans who thought teams should have signed him. Now, he’ll get the chance to prove himself during the summer split and help MAD fight to retain their LEC summer title.

The LEC summer split kicks off on June 17 with a super week for all 10 ten teams involved.

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