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MAD Lions defeated the kings of Europe, G2 Esports, with a 3-1 scoreline, qualifying for their first-ever finals in the LEC Playoffs.

Although G2 were the favorites, the MAD Lions were simply the better team today. All five players of MAD outclassed G2 in every single lane and even had a much better mid-jungle synergy. In addition, the duo of Matyas “Carzzy” Orsag and Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser in the bottom lane proved too powerful for G2. This defeat for G2 means they will play the winner of Rogue vs Schalke next week. While MAD Lions have punched their ticket to a first-ever LEC Playoff finals for the organization.

The Rise of New Kings in Europe

Image via MAD Lions on Twitter

After Fnatic’s elimination and G2’s fall into the lower brackets of the LEC Playoffs, it now looks like there is a rise of more competitive teams in the LEC. Although this is not the first time G2 has played through the lower brackets for a place in the Playoffs final, it still does not take away from the increase in the quality of competition Europe is seeing.

For a very long time, G2 and Fnatic have dominated the scene, sharing all previous LEC titles. However, teams like Rogue and MAD Lions are showing consistency in challenging for these top spots. With Schalke’s 3-0 clean sweep over Fnatic yesterday, it is safe to say that new kings are rising to challenge the top teams in the LEC. However, all these teams still have a long way to go because G2 are still in contention to win it all.

MAD Lions win the first two games of the LEC Playoff series

MAD Lions started game one of the series well. The Olaf on Javier “Elyola” Prades alongside Irfan “Armut” Tukek’s Gnar found successful ganks in the top lane. However, G2 had more early game control and an overpowered Tristana on Rasmus “Caps” Winther who kept on knocking towers down. After securing the baron, MAD turned the game in their favor as they took out Caps in the river, leaving G2 with no primary damage dealer. They closed out game one under 41 minutes with their third baron buff of the day.

Game two of the series was totally different as MAD Lions dominated this game throughout. The decision from G2 to leave Martins “Rekkles” Larsson on Karma, a support champion came as a shock given it did not work out in the first game. Once again, Caps was the primary damage dealer for his team.  Unfortunately, he failed to make any meaningful impact for G2 as MAD were ahead in gold and lanes.

G2 almost push the series to game five

With G2 facing a possible 3-0 defeat in the LEC Playoffs for the first time since Summer 2018, they switched things up in game three. Kaisa’s Rekkles alongside the Orianna on Caps were simply an unstoppable force. G2 took control of this game from beginning to end-gaining a dragon soul before 25 minutes.  G2 finished the game in under 32 minutes with a triple kill on Caps.

Even though G2 won the previous game, there were unable to match MAD Lions’ team fighting prowess in game four. Armut’s Gnar ultimate enabled his team in winning a decisive fight in the river through which they closed out the game. G2 could do nothing but watch their Nexus fall as MAD carved their name into LEC history.

The LEC Playoffs returns on Sunday, April 4 at 11 a.m. ET as Rogue take on Schalke for the battle of a semi-finals spot.