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The past couple of weeks haven’t been the greatest for Call of Duty: Warzone. For starters, the DMR 14 meta has overtaken the battle royale and consumed the entire player base. The use of the weapon has gotten so rampant that players have nicknamed the game “DMRZone.” However, if that wasn’t bad enough, the topic of Skill-Based Matchmaking is at the forefront once again. This time, players are using cheats and sly methods to force their way into easier lobbies. While those issues are certainly pressing, Activision might have a bigger problem on its hands. Apparently, the latest update for Warzone didn’t nerf a particular blueprint for the MAC-10 submachine gun and now it’s more powerful than the base version.

Warzone update doesn’t nerf a certain MAC-10 blueprint

The latest update for Warzone came two days ago when Raven Software nerfed a select-few weapons. Among the weapons nerfed was the DMR 14, Type 63, dual pistols, and MAC-10. All four of these guns were extremely overpowered and needed some serious work. However, it seems the developers missed the mark with the DMR and also a MAC-10 blueprint.

According to tests done by YouTuber JGOD, the Gallantry blueprint for the MAC-10 was not affected by the update. While the base version of the SMG was nerfed, the Gallantry has kept its same damage from before the patch. It’s assumed that Raven Software simply forgot to nerf the blueprint. Obviously, this is of huge concern to Warzone players, as you can basically acquire a pay-to-win weapon.

Although, this particular blueprint is featured on the Battle Pass, so you can’t outright buy it. However, players could purchase the necessary tiers on the pass to earn the weapon. Also, this isn’t fair to players who couldn’t afford the Battle Pass and are thus at a disadvantage.

Call of Duty does not have the best history when it comes to pay-to-win weapons. While this isn’t the exact same situation as in years past, it still needs to be addressed swiftly. Hopefully, Raven can release a patch rectifying this issue sooner rather than later.

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