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Since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s release in October, there have been two dominant weapons in the game. The first, being the M4A1, was arguably the most balanced weapon we’ve seen in a Call of Duty game. The second, being the MP5, wasn’t as strong as the M4A1 but outclassed every other gun in Modern Warfare. However, yesterday’s playlist update brought some unexpected weapon nerfs to both the M4A1 and MP5. While both are still strong, the M13 received a hefty buff yesterday and could now be considered the top dog.

M13 now atop the weapon classes in Modern Warfare?

In the update yesterday, Infinity Ward buffed the M13 quite heavily. Take a look at the official patch notes: “M13: Range increase, Small reduction to horizontal recoil, Small damage increase to boost headshot effectiveness.”

The M13 assault rifle was never a bad weapon. In fact, during the open beta, it was arguably the most popular gun to equip. Though, when Modern Warfare launched, it was clear the M4A1 was the better choice in every situation.

However, the playlist update substantially buffing the M13 and nerfing the M4A1 makes it safe to wonder if the rifle has finally surpassed the M4A1. Though it’s tough to say for sure, it certainly appears the M13 can be considered the top AR. YouTuber eColiEspresso even has a Twitter clip to prove it:

The buff to the M13 seems to have turned the weapon into a laser beam at all ranges. However, is it enough to take down the M4A1 as the top weapon in Modern Warfare? The jury is still out, but it appears the two rifles are pretty evenly matched right now. Don’t be surprised if you see more M13s in public lobbies.

Which rifle do you think is superior? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare news.