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Yet another Call of Duty League organization is starting over for the 2021 season. The Los Angeles Guerrillas have made its players aware that the organization will not retain them. This applies to nearly every member of the roster except for Reece “Vivid” Drost, who looks to be staying on for 2021. The Guerrillas had an extremely disappointing year, finishing near the bottom of the standings and only reaching one semi-final. However, with a new slate, the team is looking to revamp for 2021 and become competitive in the CDL.

A new roster for the Los Angeles Guerrillas

This was a move most saw coming, as the Guerrillas simply didn’t have a strong enough roster. With the CDL moving to 4v4, the team needed to make a big move and bring in some higher quality players than what was on the team in 2020.

As of today, five former L.A. Guerrillas players are unrestricted free agents. Unrestricted means they can sign with any team and that specific team isn’t required to pay a buyout fee to L.A. The five players who were released are:

  • Rasim “Blazt” Ogresevic
  • Jacob “Decemate” Cato
  • Ulysses “AquA” Silva
  • Kris “Spart” Cervantez
  • Renato “Saints” Forza


From the current look of things, most of these players will find it difficult to land a starting spot. As laid out in their tweets, all are looking for substitute options as well, which is a smart move on their part. The competition for starting spots will be fierce when Free Agency rolls around on September 14.

The Los Angeles Guerrillas will be moving forward with Vivid and three other players picked up during Free Agency. However, there are currently no concrete rumors on who those players could be. Only time will tell who’s making the move to L.A.

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