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The Los Angeles Guerrillas have benched Reece “Vivid” Drost for Martin “Cheen” Chino after a disappointing performance at the Stage 2 Major.

The Guerrillas have struggled to perform against teams thus far in the Call of Duty League. They were able to hand Atlanta FaZe their first loss, but were unable to do much beyond that. They finished 2-3 during the Stage 2 groups ahead of the Los Angeles Thieves. That placed them in the bottom of the losers bracket at the Major.

Despite being 5-9 overall in the stands, the Los Angeles Guerrillas finished bottom-two at the Stage 2 Major. This performance was much worse than their previous performance at the Stage 1 Major, which landed them a fifth place finish. Now, the Guerrillas are looking to make a change to their original core-four by bringing up Cheen from their academy roster. Los Angeles Guerrillas’ academy team has seen mixed results in the recent Challenger events. They have failed to break out of the bottom-forty at open events and recently placed seventh at the latest Challengers event. That was the only event so far in Challengers where the roster has won any prize earnings.

Los Angeles Guerrillas bench Vivid, was it a good or bad move?

Over the course of Stage 2, Vivid barely underperformed alongside his teammates. He usually held a .8 KD, but played well in their loss to London early in the season. Vivid was the only remaining player on the Guerrillas’ roster after Modern Warfare moved to Cold War for the second season of the CDL. It appeared the Los Angeles Guerrillas wanted to make him a franchised player of sorts by keeping him on. Cheen has a lot to prove alongside the three veterans on the team in Bryan “Apathy” Zhelyazkov, Justin “SiLLY” Fargo and Adam “Assault” Garcia. In addition to Cheen moving up to the starting roster, SiLLY will move from an AR to a submachine gun position. The Los Angeles Guerrillas will play the Paris Legion on April 24 without Vivid on the roster.