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London Royal Ravens benched Thomas “Dylan” Henderson on Monday ahead of the Call of Duty League Stage 3 group stage for Alex “Zaptius” Bonilla after struggling to find success after several roster change.

The Ravens only have two wins and ten losses throughout the season so far, and they went 0-6 in Stage 1 during the group stage before falling short at the Major. London then added Zach “Zed” Denyer and Paul “PaulEhx” Avila to the roster ahead of Stage 2 for a different result.

Those two roster changes helped get London their first two wins of the season. However, London was unable to maintain the momentum when it mattered the most and underperformed at the Major again. Now at 2-10, the Royal Ravens have turned toward the Challenger scene for a bit of help.

Zaptius gets his shot at the main stage again with London

Zaptius first started playing Call of Duty professionally back in 2018 for Mazer Gaming. He has bounced between several different teams during his career, but he has never spent very long on any one roster. The longest he has ever been with a team was last season, during Modern Warfare. He played that title with WestR for a little more than two months before staying on WestR when the game switched to Cold War.

Dylan, on the other hand, has been with London since Modern Warfare and had been performing well during Stage 2. He usually dropped a 0.8 KD during the group stage outside on their game against Atlanta FaZe. Dylan also performed well in their loss at the Major to the Los Angeles Thieves with a 0.92 KD. Despite his performances during Stage 2, he will not be playing for London during the Stage 3 group.