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Na’Vi stomps BIG, MIBR beats compLexity at London Major

Na’Vi is moving on to the FACEIT London Major semifinals after taking down BIG in two maps in the quarterfinals.

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BIG is Done and Dusted

Their first matchup was on Dust2, where the CIS powerhouse would take the map with ease. BIG would struggle to build economy without winning consecutive rounds. Also, Na’Vi’s stars, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, and Denis “electronic” Sharipov, would shine brightly as well. They would reach the halftime mark of the map 13-2, and they would not look back. Na’Vi’s fortifications on the CT side were so strong, and their momentum would carry onto the T side of the map.

Finally, Na’Vi would close out Dust2 with s1mple and Electronic leading the way, as they usually do. Additionally, they would hold every BIG member to under ten kills each. Even Ioann “Edward” Sukhariev would perform well, closing out the final round of the first map with an easy Mac-10 triple kill. It was looking grim for BIG, who was one of the more hyped up teams of the tournament.

Na’Vi Goes Nuclear

On their second map, Nuke, the German-based squad would put up more of a fight. Unfortunately, it would not be enough to slow down Na’Vi, who are looking determined to reach the London Major Grand Finals. BIG would start off pretty strong, winning two early rounds via a pistol round and their first full buy round. However, Na’Vi would not allow them to string together successful wins and would reach the halftime mark leading 12-3. In response, BIG would take the first three rounds of the second half. It was still looking grim for the German faithful, as Na’Vi again would overwhelm BIG. S1mple and co. would begin racking up rounds again, and would end the map 16-6.

It is a disappointing end for BIG, who were still riding the momentum of their surprising finals appearance at ESL One Cologne. However, it looks like the lack of competition between Cologne and now has had an effect on their play. Additionally, facing off against Na’Vi in the form they are in will be a tough task for any team. BIG should be proud; they were able to push for a top-eight spot and will be back for the next Major.

MIBR vs. compLexity Gaming

The second match of day one of the FACEIT London Major quarterfinals would be between MIBR and compLexity. It was a Cinderella tale for compLexity, who were underdogs for most of the tournament. However, after an impressive run through the Challengers and Legends Stages, they were looking like a surprisingly strong squad. Meanwhile, MIBR were looking quite good through the tournament themselves, even though they would suffer some discouraging losses against TYLOO and Astralis.

Train was a pretty lopsided loss for compLexity, who could not string together more than a win. Also, this map was actually one of the North American’s weaknesses, as they had not played Train a lot beforehand. On the other side, MIBR were looking pretty dominant in the first half. They would push ahead early, taking an 8-0 lead. MIBR was just too aggressive on their T side and would overwhelm compLexity’s passive style of defense. The second half was more of the same, with MIBR locking down on defense early. Any move by compLexity would be met with some stalwart holds from the veteran talent on the MIBR side. Even a surprise full buy from Peter stanislaw” Jarguz late in the map would fail, destroying compLexity’s economy. Finally, they would end up losing the map, 16-4.

MIBR and compLexity sets Inferno aflame

Inferno was compLexity’s pick and so it is natural that they would put up a better fight. While the opening pistol round would fall to the side of MIBR, the Americans would finally string together their first set of rounds. They would go on to take their first lead of the series, where the two teams would trade rounds back and forth. When it was looking like MIBR would regain control over the match, Shahzeb ShahZaM” Khan would take down three to take the lead into the half.

Unfortunately for coL, MIBR would suddenly surge right back on their T side. Tarik tarik” Celik would push hard and win the opening round with a quadra kill. However, compLexity would storm right back with an impressive string of rounds to take an 11-8 lead. Things were looking good for the underdogs until MIBR fixed their economy. With a full buy, MIBR would begin to steamroll their opponents. Even with a heroic effort from stanislaw, the Brazilian side would win the final six rounds of the match to take the series.

 What’s Next

BIG Clan and compLexity should be leaving the FACEIT London Major with their heads held high. Both these teams were showing resilience and strength throughout the tournament, and have proven to be great teams moving forward. compLexity’s success at the Major only bids well for the North American Counter-Strike scene, as another NA squad has made it to the Champions Stage. Of course, they were not able to capture the ultimate prize, but it should serve well as motivation for their upcoming tournaments. These two matches in the quarterfinals were tough but will be stepping stones to greater successes in the future.

Meanwhile, MIBR and Na’Vi are moving on to the semifinals. They will now await their opponents from the winners of the Team Liquid vs. HellRaisers and Astralis vs. FaZe Clan games. These upcoming semifinals should be an amazing battle between four of the best teams the world has to offer!

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