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Another domino has fallen for the launch of the 2020 Call of Duty League. Today, London Call of Duty became the first team to officially announce its branding for the 2020 inaugural season. Named the Royal Ravens, London is the first CDL organization to announce its full starting roster and coaching staff along with its brand. You can find the team @RoyalRavens on Twitter and Instagram or by going to RoyalRavens.gg. On their website, you can only gain access to the front page by signing up with your e-mail.

The Royal Ravens are finally announced

While we are just now receiving official confirmation, we’ve known for some time that this would be London’s brand. Not only were there leaks dating back to a month ago, but the official Call of Duty League website leaked all of the team names.

However, this is the first official brand announcement for any of the Call of Duty League teams. We should start seeing more and more brand reveals within the coming days and weeks. Dallas is set to reveal their brand on Saturday the 19th, Seattle has an announcement planned for the 21st, and Toronto has a live stream/party on the 24th. We can assume the remaining teams will have some brand announcement before Modern Warfare drops on Oct 25.

With the final piece now announced for London, they don’t have much left to reveal. Having already announced their starting five along with two coaches, all that’s left is filling in the substitution spots. That likely won’t happen until after Modern Warfare releases, though. Most teams want to see who stands out in Modern Warfare before signing them as subs or game mode specialists. For example, if a player is dominating in Search and Destroy, a team might pick them up to only play S&D in the CDL.

What are your thoughts on the London Royal Ravens brand? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all CDL coverage.