League of Legends

2017 LoL Secondary Pro League Summer

Dates May 01 - Aug 24

Location null, China

Prize Pool ¥600,000



Match Schedule

Tournament Info


The LSPL is the Second league of China, in other regions that would be the Challenger Series, the LSPL differs from the other region's secondary leagues as it is fully professional. 

As of the Summer season, the LPL has adopted a franchise model, meaning that no teams will be relegated after the split, however there is plans to expand the LPL to 14 teams or even more so the teams may still very well play for a LPL spot.

The LSPL however is much alike its previous seasons with 12 teams and a ¥600,000 (CNY) prize pool.

Starting off with a Promotion tournament, followed by the regular season and playoffs and ending with the Relegation.

Format & Rules
Prize Pool Distribution
1st Place ¥300,000
2nd Place ¥200,000
3rd Place ¥100,000

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