League of Legends

2017 LMS Summer

Dates Apr 18 - Aug 28

Location Taipei, Taiwan

Prize Pool NT$ 3,000,000 (NTD)

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League of Legends Masters Series is the premier tournament in Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao region and is considered to be one of the top tier regions in the world alongside KR, EU, NA , CN and arguably Brazil.

This is the final stretch toward Worlds from the LMS and this is where the teams prove that they deserve to play on the World stage. The tournament features four stages,

The promotion tournament, where the bottom two of the previous split will have to defend their spot against the ECS(Elite Challenger Series), the TW/HK/MO Challenger Series teams that are eager to join the league. Following the promotion is the regular season and after that comes the playoffs and finally the Regional Finals where the teams that have earned the most amount of points will fight for the last worlds seed for LMS.

The Worlds Seeds from LMS will be given out in three different ways. The first seed goes to the winner of the Summer Playoffs, the second seed goes to the team with the most amount of championship points (if that happens to be the winner of the playoffs, the seed goes to the second highest) and the third is given to the winner of the Regional finals.

Format & Rules
Prize Pool Distribution
1st Place NT$ 1,500,000 (NTD)
2nd Place NT$ 600,000 (NTD)
3rd Place NT$ 400,000 (NTD)

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