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MSI positional rankings after Group Stages

Top lane: 1.TheShy 2.Wunder 3.Impact 4.Hanabi 5.Khan 6.Zeros Jungle: 1.Clid 2.Ning 3.Jankos 4.Xmithie 5.Meliodas 6.Bugi Mid: 1.Rookie 2.Caps 3.Faker 4.Jensen 5.Rather 6.Naul AD/C: 1.Teddy 2.JackeyLove 3.Betty 4.Doublelift 5.Perkz 6.BigKoro Sup: 1.Mikyx 2.Baolan 3.Mata 4.Palette 5.CoreJJ 6.ShiauC Please leave a comment if I made any mistakes.Thank you. UPDATE:After the MSI finals,I'm going to make a new list of players,which only includes players from the top 4.



#MSI2019 : EndGame

In this MSI, IG is here to prove they are the best, SKT and faker are here to win it all and basically tell them who is the last boss, G2 & TL sending their best international team I guess ( this time to win not to play) and FW a d PVB trying to prove themself as new teams. Well welcome to League of Legends: EndGame.