Rogue upset Splyce in first playoff round with 3-0 stomp

Nobody predicted this outcome.

League of Legends's Icon Nicholas Ray · 24 Aug 2019


Photo via Riot Games

In one of the biggest upsets in recent EU playoff history, Rogue mopped the floor with Spylce in a 3-0 sweep in round one of LEC playoffs. Out of all prediction votes from the LEC broadcast, not a single person predicted Splyce to lose.

Not only were our predictions dead wrong for this match, but Rogue beat Splyce so hard that they were only a bit over five minutes away from beating the record set by G2 Esports in the Spring Split for fastest playoff series.

They kicked off their first ever playoff match with an homage to Fnatic by playing Garen and Yuumi in the bot lane. Rogue decimated game one and moved into game two with incredible momentum.

A first blood kill from Emil "Larssen" Larsson's Akali landed Rogue enough early priority to grab an Infernal Drake and transition the power into securing Rift Herald. Rogue were in control throughout and closed without missing a beat.

Game three was more of the same. Rogue's favorable topside drafts allowed them to consistently make aggressive plays around solo lanes with Kacper "Inspired" Słoma hovering on a skirmish-centric champion like Olaf. With each advantage, Rogue advanced their line of vision, allowing them to eventually set up for a hidden Rakan flank from Oskar "Vander" Bogdan around Baron pit to end the entire series.

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A post-match tweet from Rogue's superstar mid laner properly summarized his thoughts on the difficulty of the series as a whole.

The story of Rogue throughout their freshman year in the LEC has been one of steady improvement and incremental change. They fielded a roster of skilled players, but they were struggled to find the results as a team.

Even towards the end of the 2019 Spring Split, in which they finished tenth place, Rogue still found opportunities to flex their muscles. With this win, they may have begun to unlock their potential that we've caught glimpses of throughout the year.

Splyce simply failed to rise to the occasion and were completely outclassed. Their only shot at entering the Gauntlet and contesting the last Worlds seed is if Schalke 04 emerge victorious against Team Vitality on Saturday, August 24.

Rogue will play either Schalke or Vitality on Friday, August 30. A win there will secure them a spot in the Gauntlet.


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