Parth clears up Akaadian rumors in Reddit post

He gives an in-depth look on what happened in summer.

League of Legends's Icon Nicholas Ray · 18 Aug 2019


Photo via Riot Games

On the evening of August 18, TSM general manager Parth Naidu took to r/TeamSolomid to detail the full situation of what lead the team to bench starting jungler Matthew "Akaadian" Higginbotham in favor of academy rookie Mingyi "Spica" Lu.

Before their Quarterfinals match against Clutch Gaming, on-air personality Isaac "Azael" Cummings-Bentley revealed in a tweet that TSM opted into starting Spica for the entirety of playoffs. Surprisingly, neither Akaadian nor Jonathan "Grig" Armao were kept on a subs; Edward "Tactical" Ra and Erik "Treatz" Wessén were listed in their stead.

Recently, League personalities Christian "IWillDominate" Rivera and Yoonseop "Locodoco" Choi revealed information on internal drama within TSM (given to them by personal sources) on their YouTube talk show Facecheck. Akaadian was quick to refute the rumors on Twitter, but after so many different stories had been made public, Parth stepped in to provide full disclosure. Here are the key points from his post.

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  1. TSM believed that Grig was performing better and had more potential, however, Akaadian demonstrated a strong mentality and better communication skills. This was believed to be more valuable, so he was chosen as the started after Rift Rivals.
  2. Akaadian hit a slump at some point in the split, which was believed to be due to personal issues based off of conversations between the team sports psychologist and another manager.
  3. After the team was barely scraping away with wins near the end of the split, TSM made the final call to bring in Spica, who'd been working with academy coach Peter Zhang. The goal was to give him as much experience as possible, regardless of whether or not they advance in playoffs, and use him throughout the Regional Qualifier as well.
  4. Riot was notified of this decision before Akaadian, and Azael revealed the information to the public before Akaadian could be notified. Parth personally took Akaadian to lunch to apologize and discuss the split after their match against Clutch.
  5. Parth clearly states that the rumors about Jesper "Zven" Svenningsen not wanting to play with Akaadian are untrue, and denounced the credibility of ex-TSM analyst Albert Pariente-Cohen who recently did an interview with Unikrn about the drama.

After their 3-1 loss against Clutch in Quarterfinals, TSM will be preparing for the Gauntlet on September 6 with Spica as their starting jungler unless otherwise stated. According to LCS commissioner Chris "IAmGrza" Greeley, all teams participating in the Gauntlet have until September 3 to lock in their official rosters.


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