How to use Pantheon in Teamfight Tactics

While the new champion isn't live yet, get ahead of the curve with these tips.

League of Legends's Icon Jason Krell · 17 Aug 2019


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The latest Teamfight Tactics champion, Pantheon, has only been on the PBE for a couple days, but it’s only a matter of time before he’s live for everyone. To prepare for that, here are some tips for using this dragon slayer when the opportunity presents itself.

Looking at Pantheon as a whole, his cost, origin, class, and ultimate combine to make him a flexible, late game option that can penetrate the backline in a metagame with lots of bulky stars. He’s an unlikely carry without very specific items, but throwing one or two his way can create a solid frontliner.

As a five-cost Dragon/Guardian, Pantheon fits into a number of late-game compositions, since his Origin and Class require only one other unit to get the benefit. His most optimal home seems to be with sorcerers running Aurelion Sol, with a Leona thrown in give some extra armor to otherwise squishy units. 

This build gets even better if players can find a Yuumi to put on Pantheon. Not only does he benefit from increased mana generation (which he desperately needs thanks to the 150 mana cost of Grand Starfall), but the bonus spell damage can help his AOE ability absolutely wreck teams by itself.

The only problem with this is when Pantheon jumps into the backline, he’s not up front to soak up damage anymore, leaving the rest of your team vulnerable. As a result, it might be a good idea to put some defensive items on a Kassadin or Leona. Either that, or do so much damage that there’s no need for defense.

Otherwise, while guardians aren’t as good as some of the other defensive Classes or Origins, they are extremely splashable. And in a metagame where Jinx or Draven hyper carry entire teams from behind a tanky frontline, Pantheon’s access to that solo-damage dealer is invaluable. 

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Something like four Brawlers, two Guardians, plus whatever combination of Draven or Jinx enabling champions suits your composition best seems solid. Or, if you’re lucky enough to find a Kayle as well, it’s totally possible to run something like six Nobles plus Pantheon and Jinx. With the buffs from six Nobles, two Guardians, two Gunslingers, two Knights. This also could work with Draven if you find a Blade of the Ruined King to get three Blademasters instead of two Gunslingers.

There is also a second way to maximize Pantheon’s buffs, but it’s unclear how much his presence will do for Shapeshifter focused compositions. He may be a better option than Aurelion Sol to get Shyvana the Dragon buff, but that may not be enough to make it a tier one option. However, if you do go this route, something like Wild Shapeshifters would give a Shyvana carry some extra attack speed alongside her magic resistance.

As for what items work best on Pantheon, while it’s true Yuumi works great in certain situations, there are a lot more general options. With his Dragon buff online and his 120 base armor, defensive options like Warmogs, Phantom Dancer, and Guardian Angel can make the most of his survivability. At the same time, his sheer staying power makes Ionic Spark a decent option for consistent damage. 

If you’re trying to take advantage of his ability, something like a Morellonomicon or Red Buff can apply burn damage to Grand Starfall’s wide area of effect. Alternatively, a Spear of Shojin could help Pantheon get enough mana for multiple ultimates in a single fight. 

Attack speed items aren’t theoretically terrible on Pantheon either, since his .75 attack speed is the same as Draven and better than every ranger, but those items are probably better suited for carries that can take advantage of them better.

On the whole, though, Pantheon’s addition should create some exciting new options in Teamfight Tactics—when used properly. 

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