PowerOfEvil's message to Cloud9: “I’m not afraid of you”

See what he thinks about his match up against Crown.

League of Legends's Icon Steven Paul · 17 Aug 2019


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Summer of 2019 has been a year of curse breaking for CLG. First, they defeat their longtime rival organization TSM for the first time in over one thousand days. Second, they crush their 7-11 split record trough. Now, after beating Optic Gaming in the quarterfinals of playoffs, CLG is set to have the comeback split fans have been waiting for over two years. 

Only two best of five series remain before they can lift the summoner’s cup, but their next opponent is a terrifying Cloud9 who dominated them in their tiebreaker game. I had a chance to speak with quarterfinals MVP PowerofEvil about his thoughts on his match against Crown as well as his words for their semifinals opponent. 

First time CLG’s been back in playoffs for a while and you start off with a win. Did the series go how you expected?

Well first off we’re all really happy, especially Biofrost and Trevor (Stixxay) who haven’t been in playoffs for like two years. Pretty much the same for me. We’re all just grateful to be back. We knew we could do it and we did it. Not much else to say. 

Well you did it in commanding fashion and against Crown who’s a past World champion. What was your matchup like in the midlane?

Well Crown is really really strong individually and he brings a lot to the team. He has near no weaknesses in lane and overall. Preparing for him wads really difficult. I practiced a lot and I practiced hard. I’d say I’m just really happy about the outcome and performed really strongly. We were able to play around midlane which helped me take MVP of the series home. 

How do you prepare for a player like Crown?

The first two games we decided to go for the Azir because it’s a safe pick and strong as well. I pretty much took the hit in the draft with the fifty-fifty midlane matchup but they turned out to be really strong for us. It became a power pick in the draft, and this happens a lot in best of fives. A champion that originally doesn’t seem like a power pick or something that’s OP can turn into one. If both teams decide that they want it then you either have to ban or first pick it. The third game they banned it so we hopped into the Syndra blind pick which is just a really safe, you could even say “PowerofEvil” pick. 

Where was the Nashor’s Tooth though?

*Laughs* you can’t build that one on Syndra. But just going back to Syndra was a really good idea because it provides a lot to the team. It’s a really strong power into the midgame and we didn’t really have a great late game comp. We wanted to snowball so I decided to go for the Syndra and get my team that lead in the early game. 

Well you took down Crown but next week you’ll be against Nisqy. You are currently leading the LCS midlaners in the least deaths and Nisqy is leading in the most kills, so how do you think you matchup stylisticaly against him?

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So Cloud9 really like to play around midlane. They’re always two v two midlane and fighting all the time. They really like to play these melee midlane champions and then Zeyzal will play things like Alistar and roam to midlane making it three v three fights. It’s gonig to be interesting how we match up against each other in a best of five. Best of ones don’t really say too much, so I’m wondering if it’s going to be each of us going at each other’s throats or if one of us will take the hit in draft and go for more defencive. I think it really comes down to draft and how the teams want to play out the series. It’ll be about how we evolve and adapt throughout the series as well. 

Do you think it changes depending on which jungler they choose to play in any given game?

Absolutely, I think Blaber is really aggressive. When they play Blaber they try to play around him more than Nisqy. Like when he has Kindred then every mark becomes the team’s objective. They definitely have a strength in being able to play either jungler. 

Does that make your job harder?

I feel like my lane particularly doesn’t really matter as much. We just need to have it in our minds that we need to change our champions and our idea of how we want to play the game. It doesn’t really matter too much though because Svenskeren and Blaber are both really early game focused. But I have trust in Wiggily. I remember Svenskeren saying, “Oh there’s no way I’m going to lose against Wiggily.” Then we actually won against them so I’m really confident in their two v two and I think we can take them down. We did lose pretty hard in the tiebreaker though…

I was going to say the last time you were against Cloud9 it didn’t go so well for you. So tell me your perspective of what happened in that last game against them?

We had miscommunication and we knew exactly what they wanted to do, we just didn’t act correctly. There were so many mistakes up until minute seven that we could pause the game right there and know the game was already over. If we didn’t make these mistakes until maybe minute eight I’m pretty sure we just win the game because we had the mid game and late game draft. We just made too many mistakes early and they actually did a really good job of taking it over. They’re a really strong early game team in generl so we just have to watch out for that next time. 

Well I noticed on your social media that you tweeted about going on a win streak and a refreshed mental attitude towards solo queue. First of all congrats on the winstreak, but has that had any impact on your stage performance? What is this new mental attitude you’ve found?

I’d say I’ve always been a really positive solo queue player and pretty high in elo. I just really enjoyed playing solo queue in general. Even if my teammates aren’t as happy playing solo queue, I always enjoyed it, Then this summer I just got down, even though I was always challenger. I felt like I could really feel getting affected by my teammates in game and getting frustrated by the games. I don’t even know what changed, but now it feels like I’m back again and feeling happy. I’m having fun again, it’s like working a dream job. I’m even having a little competition with Stixxay. He was ahead of League Points and was taunting me saying, “I have the most LP on the team” so I took this as a challenge and was like, “I want to get you.” Now I’m about twenty ahead of him, so I got him. I’m calling him out here *laughs*. I think it’s really healthy for the team that we can compete with each other like this and have fun with it. It motivates us all. 

Well I want to give you an opportunity to say any words for Cloud9 ahead of your match on Saturday. 

Well first of all, I want to say I’m not afraid of you. You’re not a scary opponent. If we play our game we will win. Also, to Svenskeren, you should never underestimate your opponents.


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