CLG clean sweep OpTic and punch their ticket to semifinals

After CLG's game one comeback, the series was theirs to lose.

League of Legends's Icon Nicholas Ray · 11 Aug 2019


Photo via Riot Games

CLG proved that OpTic Gaming were hard outclassed after shutting them out 3-0 in what many predicted to be a close quarterfinals series. With this win, CLG advance to the semifinals and will face off against Cloud9.

The series kicked off with a rocky start for CLG. In game one, OpTic dictated the pace of the game, and even managed to sneak a 20 minute Baron because of a rotational mishap on the side of CLG. With two separate Baron buffs, and a four-drake Elder buff on their team, OpTic still failed to close the game out and gave CLG an opening to make a comeback once William "Meteos" Hartman got caught in mid lane and died.

After coming back against a fully-buffed, late game scaling team with their base in shambles, CLG were feeling confident going into game two. Vincent "Biofrost" Wang pulled out his pocket pick Zyra, and combined with Trevor "Stixxay" Hayes' Varus, they had more than enough damage to secure an easy first blood. From there, they used their bot lane strength to help grab multiple dragons, and closed the game out methodically, despite some greediness outside of OpTic's base that delayed the win.

By the time game three rolled around, the gap in individual performance and team cohesion was clear between the two teams. CLG didn't squander their leads, whereas OpTic threw any chance they had to stay in the series away by not knowing exactly what to do as a team when trying to close out. CLG invaded OpTic's blue side jungle at level one and picked up first blood for Biofrost, then grabbed another kill onto Stixxay and a Mountain Drake within three minutes of the first play. This spelled disaster for OpTic.

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CLG didn't let up on the gas, and pushed their momentum from the early game to grab as much as they could off the map as quickly as possible. OpTic could only watch helplessly as CLG rotated to Baron after knocking down bot lane inner and outer turrets before marching down bot lane to end the game.

"Feels great I get to keep my 100% playoff winrate," Biofrost started when asked how he felt after the victory in a post-match interview. "It does mean a lot because when you play really poorly or you're not doing well as a team for a while-- it's been three splits-- you start to doubt yourself. I'm really happy that we could make it this time around and I think we got a good squad."

With semifinals secured, CLG match up against Cloud9 on August 17 for a legitimate shot at reaching the finals for the first time since Spring 2016. Should they fall in semis, CLG will play in the Regional Qualifier to keep their World Championship aspirations alive.

CLG play Cloud9 in semifinals on August 17 at 2 p.m. PDT.


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