CoreJJ: “When 100 Thieves won, we decided to have fun instead."

Team Liquid's CoreJJ discusses their glacial comp and other concerns.

League of Legends's Icon Steven Paul · 7 Aug 2019


Photo via Riot Games

With the first seed position locked for playoffs, Team Liquid treated LCS fans to a full glacial composition for their final game against TSM in the regular season. Not only did they pick up the victory, but they also inspired solo queue players around the world to start spamming Volibear with the excuse of “It was played in LCS!” I had a chance to sit down with Team Liquid support CoreJJ to discuss the reason for the comp, strength of teams in playoffs, and Jensen’s apparent wrist injury. 

Well that was a very convincing victory with an incredibly unique composition. Right off the bat, talk to me about the team’s decision to pick a full glacial comp for the game today?

CoreJJ: We talked about it before, that if 100Thieves won their game we could pick whatever we want. We tried to make a fun comp but not a bad comp. Yesterday we met to discuss today’s draft, but then when 100 Thieves won we decided to have fun instead. We just picked Glacials in like five seconds (laughs). 

Cloud9 Academy had already played full pirates in their last game of academy. What other synergies should teams be looking at to break out in LCS?

It’s gotta be Yordles. Before the game we were talking about what comps we could run. We didn’t even think about pirates! I didn’t know there were enough pirates. But Yordles could be really good, or nobles. We were also talking about hextech but there’s only four of them. 

Which team do you hope to get matched up against in your semi-finals match?

It’s hard to tell right now. I don’t care who we play against, I just want to perform really well. Right now, now one can say they’re the best team in the LCS. Four, five, six, seven, eight teams are almost similar in power. It’s hard to tell right now. 

You wouldn’t say that Team Liquid is the definitive best team right now?

No, we still have things we need to work on. Other teams are getting better and we can’t just be comfortable with our position. I really hope 100 Thieves makes it into playoffs because they helped us get first place. I’m just cheering for 100 Thieves today. 

What about Optic Gaming? Are you cheering on your old teammate Crown?

Oh yes, I want to see him in NA for longer too. Right now, every team has a Korean though, so I’m just cheering for 100 Thieves most. They helped us out and we’re thankful. 

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Well beyond LCS, what is Team Liquid working on right now to prepare for Worlds which is right around the corner?

Well right now, as some people know, Jensen is having some wrist problems. So we need to figure out how we can help him to be better. I’m not sure. We cancelled our scrims a lot with other teams. I hope he will be better though. 

If the wrist problems persist would Team Liquid just bring the academy midlaner Insanity to Worlds? 

I don’t have any idea yet. We played only with Jensen all year so I hope he gets better. Changing right at the end of the year wouldn’t be good. 

Well NA fans will be hoping for the same. Aside from midlane, it seems like you and Doublelift have just been getting better and better as a duo this year. Would you say you’re at your peak right now?

Definitely not. I am never satisfied when I watch my play. When I play my play too. We have a higher level we’re just not hitting. When I’m playing the game I always feel like I could play better. I’m just never satisfied. I know I’m the top class right now, but there’s always things to learn. I talk to other supports and I watch many good support players through POV. I just try to copy from them. 

What supports are you watching right now?

Normally I’m trying to watch Mikyx and Ming. Also any Korean supports, actually I watch every LCK team and then try to watch Mikyx and Ming. 

How do you compare yourself to other international supports?

I’d say I’m not a top class player and I’m not the best, but I’m getting better. I don’t think anyone can reach the real top. I believe this should be obvious, because no one can think like that. It’s impossible. Maybe some A.I. could play better and learn to be perfect. I’m just focused on trying to improve. 

Constantly chasing perfection while believing it’s impossible to achieve?

Yeah, you could say that.


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