Kingzone DragonX denies acquisition and sales rumors

Their statement rejects claims of internal issues within the team.

League of Legends's Icon Nicholas Ray · 7 Aug 2019


Photo via League of Legends Championship Korea

Kingzone DragonX released an official statement regarding rumors surrounding the team's performance and internal issues within the organization.

Twitter user @yoniberry provided a rough translation of the statement in the comments section.

"Hello everyone. We are Kingzone Dragon X. We are sincerely grateful for all our fans for your great support and love to our players.

In Aug 2, 1pm, after the broadcast of a radio show called "lck show" there had been a rumor that spread across the community and news articles about KZ which is not true. We're doing our best to keep out[our] players focused to achieve our goal of going to worlds and winning it.

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Now is a very important time of the year for the team before worlds. Please do not shake our team up with such unconfirmed information and we will not be tolerant with any other rumors of us.

Although haven't been at our best recently, please give us your full support and faith so that we can stay sturdy and finish up the race for this season." - Kingzone DragonX (translation via yoniberry).

On August 7, Inven Global reported, according to multiple anonymous sources, a third-party business bid to acquire Kingzone, and that Kingzone's parent company Fighting E-sports Group no longer deemed owning a League of Legends team to be worth the associated costs.

According to the report, internal changes within the organization ensued and lowered the morale of players, contributing to their current loss stream in the LCK.


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