TL's Impact on burnout: "I think no one cares about breaks. We just focus on the game."

Plus more on his car crash and his goals for worlds.

League of Legends's Icon Steven Paul · 26 Jul 2019


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After a dominant 2-0 weekend, Team Liquid are the first team in the LCS to guarantee a spot in the 2019 summer playoffs. Upcomer had a chance to sit down with Team Liquid toplaner Jeong “Impact” Eon-yeong to discuss his recent car crash, opinions on the meta, and goals for Worlds. 

Well Impact, that was definitely a “top die” kind of performance from you in that last game, but “top alive” is what’s on everyone’s minds after your recent car crash. What’s the story behind the crash? 

I finished practicing and left to go home. I was like two minutes away from home and was watching my phone when the Uber driver went through an intersection and some other guy just hit us. The car spun and I realized I was in a car crash. My neck really hurt at that time and I couldn’t move it around at first. I got out and they said they were really sorry so I couldn’t say anything. 

We went to the hospital at twelve A.M., and honestly American hospitals were really slow. I don’t know why they’re so slow! *Laughs* It took an hour and forty minutes for the ambulance to come, then we went to the hospital and had to wait another five hours. Around five AM the doctor said it’s fine, it’s just going to be sore for a bit. 

So no fear of permanent injury?

Yeah, just muscle pulled. I think I can play, so it’s fine. I was scared because when I focus on the game my neck goes down which hurts now. I can’t bend my neck anymore and I can’t go down too much. It’s awkward, but today was better. 

Well I’m happy to hear you’re doing well now! After your last win, Team Liquid are the first to secure a playoff spot in the LCS. Something I’ve been interested in is how little rest Team Liquid has gotten this year compared to the other LCS teams. You went to MSI, then Rift Rivals, and didn’t have much break in between. How’s the team doing with burnout?

I think no one cares about breaks. We just focus on the game. We have one day a week of break anyway. I think some people will complain, but not us. I like that a lot. Everyone is just focused on the game and time is pressed. Also, I also don’t like taking breaks in the game. I get too bored. 

Do you play League even on your days off?

Oh yeah, Normally. I normally play solo queue or TFT, but I really suck at TFT now. 

What rank are you in TFT?

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Bronze… I haven’t played enough games, but that game is shit. No, that game’s good, I’m just shit *Laughs*. That’s what I hate, because I like when I play good! So I don’t like that game too much, but I like playing with my friends. 

Team Liquid has been finding a lot of success this summer specifically around the Sona lanes. We’ve also seen a transition of you as a player move away from tanks toward carry champions instead. Has the Sona compositions affected your role in the game?

Well Peter (Doublelift) plays a really good Sona, so that’s why we keep playing it. I wanted to play Jayce, and I kind of have to when we’re playing Sona. I’ve been practicing this pick a lot. I think the reason people ban it against us is because they’re scared of it after what we did at Rift Rivals. If we lost at Rift Rivals with Sona, then people wouldn’t be scared. We would lose early, but it didn’t matter because we could always just come back in the games. Teams now don’t want to take the risk. 

What are your favorite champions to play in the meta right now?

Jayce, but next patch I think he’s gone. Maybe I will play Kled. I like that champion too. Mostly I like Jayce, but I’ve also been practicing Olaf. Also Swain, Kled, and Gangplank. 

Well we’re approaching the end of the summer split, with Team Liquid on top and CLG and Cloud 9 tied for second. Which three NA teams do you think are going to make it to Worlds?

Shit... NA can’t possibly make it spicy *laughs*. It doesn’t matter unless we’re doing bad. If we’re doing bad, then I’m scared, but if we’re doing better, then I’m not. I think we’re the best team in NA. 

So it doesn’t matter who else goes to Worlds because you just want to prove Team Liquid is the best team?

Yes, of course. I mean it’s not even just NA vs EU, or a rivalry matchup. It’s just about who’s the best team in the world. I think with MSI there was more rivalries with Korea vs China, and NA vs EU, but Worlds is different. I just want to prove that Team Liquid is the best team in NA. 

Do you think Team Liquid has a chance to prove they’re the best team in the world and take it all home?

I think there’s a chance. Everyone has a chance. Look at EU winning MSI. People thought that Korea would win Worlds again, but it was EU vs China in the finals and China won. Then this MSI people thought China would win, and it was EU vs NA in the finals. You really don’t know, right? It’s going to be spicy.

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