Riot disables ranked after finding more than 60 bugs in Patch 9.14

The majority of the bugs can potentially break the game.

League of Legends's Icon Nicholas Ray · 17 Jul 2019


Image via Riot Games

League of Legends players are no strangers to dealing with bugs after the release of a new patch, but the recent launch of Patch 9.14 has brought more than 60 known major bugs to the live servers. The issues are so severe that Riot has disabled solo queue indefinitely.

Twitter user @ToolSupport detailed 64 distinct bugs they found within the patch in a thread. One or two bugs after a patch is common, and it's rare to find more than one bug that could be considered game-breaking or prompt Riot to disable certain features. Possibly due to the immense size of the patch, players and pros alike have found so many bugs that the game has been rendered virtually unplayable.

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Pro players have been voicing their discontent with the patch as well, saying that the bugs in combination with the large number of changes have made it difficult to practice properly.

The list is extensive and features issues with multiple champions, runes, abilities, and game systems. Here are the top 10 bugs to look out for on the patch.

  1. Pyke ultimate can kill allied champions.
  2. Annie stun is permanently available.
  3. Certain Jayce abilities can cause the game to crash.
  4. Alt-tabbing can cause you to disconnect and be unable to return to the game.
  5. Minion AI is causing them to sometimes ignore enemy minions, have inconsistent hit boxes, and path differently.
  6. Summon Aery rune isn't working properly.
  7. Yorick, Gragas, and Ryze Q abilities do not work.
  8. Accepting games can block you from joining champ select.
  9. New Death Recap shows damage taken from allies.
  10. Syndra abilities not working properly.

According to the thread, it seems that Riot has been working throughout the day to delete bugs as they appear, but many are worried that they'll be unable to rectify all of the issues in a single day.

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