PROJECT skins announced for Irelia, Akali, Pyke, Jinx, and Warwick

More champs join the skin line as a band of outcasts seeking revenge.

League of Legends's Icon Nicholas Ray · 15 Jul 2019


Image via Riot Games

After this weekend's teasers and months of speculation, Riot unveiled new PROJECT skins for Irelia, Pyke, Jinx, Akali, and Warwick.

These champions join the PROJECT universe as rogue creations of the evil PROJECT Corporation that were tossed aside and abandoned. Now that they've banded together, they plan to enact their revenge on PROJECT for betraying them.

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Back in January, product manager Carlos "I AM CARLOS" Giffoni told players to expect a new set of champions to join the popular skin line sometime this year. While Pyke, Jinx, Akali, and Irelia were all revealed over the weekend, Warwick's addition to the lineup wasn't as obvious. Past PROJECT skins have traditionally been human champions, so many rules the possibility of Warwick's inclusion out, but Riot stated in an old forum post that they only plan to keep PROJECT skins "human-sized."

Each skin will come with its own set of unique ability and backing animations, visual effects, and sound effects. According to a tweet by Riot design lead Justin "Xenogenic" Hanson, there will be a PROJECT event complete with its own unique tokens, missions and rewards. A Prestige Edition skin for PROJECT: Irelia will be available through tokens as well.

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