Riot details patching plans for the rest of 2019

Patch 9.23 will mark the start of Preseason.

League of Legends's Icon Nicholas Ray · 12 Jul 2019


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In his latest blog post, Riot design director Andrei "Meddler" van Roon opened up on about what the rest of Season Nine will look like for League of Legends, as far as patching goes. His update also gives more insight into Riot's plans for patching Teamfight Tactics.

The year is halfway over, and Riot has nine more patches in store for 2019. Since next week's Patch 9.14 will be fairly large, we probably (hopefully) won't see any game-changing updates until after the World Championship, when Preseason hits. Here's what's in store for us in the meantime.

Patch 9.14

  • This is a large patch with a lot of emphasis on champion balance. We know from the latest PBE cycle that champions like Swain, Aatrox, and Akali are facing major changes that will affect the way they're played, but approximately 30 champions in total will receive some type of work next week. Riot is preparing for micro-patches shortly after 9.14 goes live.

Patches 9.15-9.18, 9.19

  • 9.15 through 9.18 will be standard "spring cleaning" patches to make sure things are in equilibrium before Worlds. They will be a series of smaller patches to focus on fine-tuning balance within the game, and aim to avoid touching on anything that could heavily change the way it's played.

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  • 9.19 is the Worlds patch. Meddler didn't reveal anything about what this could entail in the post, but they did say the aim is to release something "stable and reliable." We can assume that it will be focused on ironing out any outliers from previous patches to ensure the Worlds meta doesn't stray too far from what players are used to from playoffs (we wouldn't want another "Juggernaut Patch" incident).

Patch 9.20-9.22, 9.23

  • There will be three patches between the end of Worlds and the beginning of Preseason: 9.20, 9.21, and 9.22. The goal of these patches is to set the stage for Preseason by shipping out whatever Riot couldn't launch during the Worlds patch.

  • 9.23 is the Preseason patch. According to lead game play designer Mark "Scruffy" Yetter, pros began testing these changes during Rift Rivals. As always, the Preseason is a way to warm up to everything coming to League in the season ahead. In this case, it will be Season 10. More details will come in the future regarding next season's changes, but Riot hopes to begin Preseason in the middle of November.

Teamfight Tactics

Riot has been vocal about their plans to slow down and regulate the TFT patching cycle, and Meddler confirmed routine patch notes for the game mode will be coming after 9.14. Most of the major changes for TFT in Season Nine will come between Patches 9.15 and 9.19, but regular balancing and patching will still continue. Most of the current PBE changes, such as ranked, item changes, and the addition of Twisted Fate will show up in Patch 9.14.

If you want to stay up to date on the latest patches, be sure to keep tabs on Riot's patch schedule.

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