Will Qiyana shine in pro play this weekend?

Both the LCS and LEC will likely be on Patch 9.13.

League of Legends's Icon Nicholas Ray · 11 Jul 2019


Image via Riot Games

We laid out some tips for playing League of Legends' newest assassin Qiyana in the mid lane shortly after her release, and now we may finally get to see her in pro play.

According to the standard patch cycle for professional play, both the LCS and LEC should be on Patch 9.13 with Qiyana enabled (Mordekaiser will likely still be disabled) since it released over two weeks ago. While her initial popularity on release was a bit underwhelming due to Teamfight Tactics' success, plenty of players and pros have spent time practicing and theory-crafting with the champion since then.

Sergen "Broken Blade" Çelik gets a pentakill with top lane Qiyana.

Rasmus "Caps" Winther goes on a solo mission to disrupt Baron.

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Given how much the pros seem to like playing her, she'll certainly become a contested pick. Due to the versatility of her kit, specifically because of her Royal Privilege (P), Terrashape (W), and Supreme Display of Talent (R), she slots into a wide variety of builds and positions. Currently she's finding the most success in the mid lane and jungle.

Qiyana tends to lean more towards the classic lethality build for melee assassins. Grab an early Tiamat for waveclear and auto-resets, and then grab Youmuu's Ghostblade, Duskblade, and Black Cleaver as your core. For runes, players have been running either Electrocute or Conqueror keystones with Sorcery or Inspirations for the secondary rune tree. Electrocute is great for the jungle and exploitable lane matchups, while Conqueror is useful for taking longer trades in lane.

The current meta is still fairly reliant on gank-heavy junglers that are innately tanky and have plenty of crowd-control. Essentially, a meta jungler like Sejuani or Jarvan IV wouldn't be to afraid to meet a low-level Qiyana in the jungle, so we'll likely see her as a solo lane flex pick between mid and top with an emphasis on mid.

Both lanes have elements consistently available for use and her one vs. one potential is still prominent, but pros will be able to utilize her roaming potential to its fullest extent in the mid lane. Her mobility combined with the Waterwalking rune from the Sorcery tree gives her the power to roam faster than most other mids.

Given her creative play style, it's possible that Qiyana will be a power pick for some teams, and a hindrance for others. Keep an eye out for teams like Fnatic, G2, and Splyce using her in the LEC, and Cloud9, FlyQuest, and TSM prioritizing her in the LCS this weekend.


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